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Tim Schlensker

Resolving Differences in Culture Through Communication

“Do you understand?” “Jogeum,” Tim Schlensker would respond in Korean with a smile as his abonim — or father-in-law — would turn and ask him in broken English in the middle of conversations with his other elderly Korean friends.

SBC Korean Council

Council of Korean Southern Baptist Churches to Hold 35th Annual Meeting in Tacoma

The Council of Korean Southern Baptist Churches in America will be holding its 35th annual meeting from June 20 to 23 at Tacoma First Baptist Church. The Korean Council’s meeting comes soon after the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting, which will be taking place from June 14 to 15 in St. Louis.


PCA's Coalition of Korean Churches Hosts Fifth Annual Forum for EM Pastors

The Presbyterian Church of America’s Coalition of Korean Churches, also known as PCA-CKC, hosted its fifth annual forum for English-speaking pastors, this year at Siloam Korean Church of Atlanta. Over 50 pastors from various places throughout the country attended this year’s forum.

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