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Hillside LA

Hillside LA: A Place of Worship for the Local Community

Though about half of the congregation at Hillside LA — the English-speaking congregation of a Korean immigrant church called Los Angeles Christian Presbyterian Church — are non-Korean members, Pastor Sam Koh wasn’t set on making Hillside multi-ethnic from the get-go when he had first begun serving as the ministry’s lead pastor almost eight years ago. It was an incident that led to a series of conversations that led to the vision, according to Koh.

I Love Pastor

If Your Church Is Small, It's Normal: 'Part of the 85 Percent'

A preaching conference for pastors of non-self sufficient churches and church plants was hosted by I Love Pastor, a Korean organization that serves non-self sufficient churches and church plants. The fourth ‘calling conference’ which took place on April 11 at Ttokamsa Church was centered on the theme, ‘The crisis and challenge of preaching,’ and featured Rev. Steve Sekyu Chang, the senior pastor of One Body Church in Virginia, as the main speaker.

Korean First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta

Korean First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta: 'Outreach to Children Begins Now'

Korean First Presbyterian Church (KFPC) in Atlanta held an outreach festival for the children’s ministry on April 3. The outreach festival began a few years ago, when it used to be called ‘street festival,’ after Pastor Bong-Sung Kim, who leads the children’s ministry at KFPC, visited a Wednesday night service at a church in New York City during which a Saturday street evangelism event was announced.

Young Chae

Interview with Pastor Young Chae: "We Have to Love as God Loves Us"

“I want to pass on the baton to young people, so that they can pick it up and run – and I'll be the cheerleader,” said Pastor Young Chae, as he started waving his hands animatedly, continuing, “I just envision myself saying to them, 'You can do it! Go John! Go Steve!' And them saying to me, 'Thank you Pastor Young for believing in me.' That's what I envision. I want to provide whatever I can so that they can run for the glory of God.”

SRCC Easter Hope Festival

Orange County Community Joins Sa-Rang Church to Celebrate Easter

Sa-Rang Community Church in Anaheim, CA, held its annual 'Easter Hope Festival' during which over 1,000 individuals of the surrounding community came and enjoyed various services including free health screenings, free haircuts, one dollar sales, family photos, various cuisines, free nail art, face painting, arts and crafts, live music, and more.

East side joint Easter service

Southern California Korean Churches Hold Joint Dawn Worship Services for Easter

Korean churches in 10 different regions of Southern California held joint worship services early on Easter morning to celebrate Easter. In particular, the services held in the Inland Empire, South Bay, Orange County, and others had a portion during the prayer time in which the congregants prayed for Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim, a Korean Canadian pastor who is currently serving a life sentence in the North Korean prison.

Truth Matters Conference

A Conference to Equip Youth with a Christian Worldview: Truth Matters Conference

As Christian youth try to navigate in today’s world, they may find themselves faced with numerous obstacles, including skepticism about their faith from their peers, and conflicting views from the surrounding society and culture. Equipping youth with an understanding of a Christian worldview to be able to defend and maintain their faith in the midst of those obstacles is one of the main purposes behind the upcoming Truth Matters Conference hosted by Church Everyday.

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