UK Police Crash a Church’s Legal Online Service

Police officers stormed into a church that was in the middle of a legal virtual service and accused its pastor of violating COVID-19 regulations - and eventually apologized for doing so later.

China Publishes New Rules Making It Harder For Foreigners To Bring Gospel To Chinese Citizens

China just published new rules that will make it harder for foreigners in the country to share the gospel with Chinese citizens.
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  • Open Our Churches

    Calif. pastor struggling with $220,000 fine for holding in-person service

    Brave pastors continue to state they will listen to God's will instead of men and encourage believers to fast and pray. John MacArthur stated once, "My biblical hero apart from the Lord Jesus Christ is the Apostle Paul and when he went into a town he didn't ask what the hotel was like. He asked what…
  • Donald Trump with His Supporters

    More than Half of U.S. Church Pastors Support Trump

    In an election survey conducted by Nashville-based LifeWay Research, results showed that more than half of U.S. Church pastors will vote for Trump. "Pastors vote like any other American," said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research. 53% of pastors plan to vote for Donald Trump w…
  • Kinnaman and Matlock

    Research Proves the Next Generation Needs the Ministry’s Aid in Issues of Mental Health

    David Kinnaman and Mark Matlock of Barna Group discuss their fourth installment of "Five Essential Conversations About Ministry to the Next Generation," and the importance of addressing mental health when reaching out to younger members of congregations. Based on research from Barna's largest s…
  • Thomas More Society Group is now in charge of this matter

    A Priest filed a lawsuit against Gov. Newsom among nearly 20 other state local officials RE: COVID-19 restrictions

    The Thomas More Society Attorney group is now helping the Priest with the lawsuit. The complaint mentioned the churches are being targeted to shut down unfairly within COVID-19.
  • How Can Pastors Engage Millennials During COVID?

    How Can Pastors Engage Millennials During COVID?

    As part of a video series called “Five Essential Conversations About Ministry to the Next Generation”, President David Kinnaman and Director of Insights Mark Matlock of Barna research group sat down to discuss recent research showing a disproportionate drop in online worship service attendance f…
  • Win for Religious Liberty in Capitol Hill Baptist Church v. Bowser

    Win for Religious Liberty in Capitol Hill Baptist Church v. Bowser

    A D.C. federal court granted a preliminary injunction motion late Friday night in Capitol Hill Baptist Church v. Bowser et al., a case challenging the District of Columbia's refusal to allow outdoor religious services because of COVID-19 restrictions. As a result, the church can now plan to hold ser…
  • The foot of the fetus at 10 weeks with perfect wrinkles

    Nearly Half of American Christians are unsure of the Bible’s Stance on Abortion

    CRC's American Worldview Inventory 2020 survey released Tuesday, yielding that four out of 10 Christians believe the bible to be unclear about abortion. Findings from the report, which drew from the responses of 2,000 Americans, showed that 44% or respondents thought the Bible was "ambiguous in its …
  • Former Priest misused $200,000 as he owed back $125,000

    Former Priest misused $200,000 for his personal use

    "At the end of those four years, the bishop may remove him from the priesthood or modify, sustain, or remove the restrictions on his ministry. The accord requires restitution of the misused funds to date, Trinity has received a check from the Re. Dutton-Gillett for $52,00 separately, our insurance c…
  • San Francisco Mayor London Breed lifts 1-person indoor worship service limit

    San Francisco allows indoor worship after the protest

    Announced by the San Francisco's Mayor, the new guideline of the City now allows 25% of capacity, up to 100 people to be allowed inside the church for in-person service. The petition also surpassed 35,000 signatures on Tuesday.
  • John MacArthur's new trial is expected to extend to 2021.

    Judge refuses to hold John MacArthur in contempt without trial

    "We are pleased that Judge Beckloff indicated he agreed with the major points that we made on behalf of Pastor MacArthur and Grace Community Church and we are very gratified that the judge's ruling today reflects that he appreciates the importance of the constitutionally protected rights at issue in…
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