UK Police Crash a Church’s Legal Online Service

Police officers stormed into a church that was in the middle of a legal virtual service and accused its pastor of violating COVID-19 regulations - and eventually apologized for doing so later.

China Publishes New Rules Making It Harder For Foreigners To Bring Gospel To Chinese Citizens

China just published new rules that will make it harder for foreigners in the country to share the gospel with Chinese citizens.
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  • Capitol sees first lawsuit from a religious organization arguing against the pandemic restrictions

    First Church to sue D.C. over pandemic restrictions

    A predominantly white conservative congregation of about 850 members became the first religious organization to sue the capitol over pandemic restrictions. The capitol's religious vanguard against government mandate is a 142-year-old church named Capitol Hill Baptist Church. The church held a pol…
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping

    Chinese Communist Party Continues to Target Catholic Churches

    After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) reached an agreement with churches affiliated with the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association (CPCA) based upon certain provisions to allow Catholics to peacefully maintain their worship and religious activities, Chinese government officials have continued to …
  • in person service with masks on

    Survey of Pastors Shows That Half Expect Post-COVID Attendance to Decline

    According to the Church Pulse leader survey from the Barna Group, more than half of Protestant Pastors expect their worship attendance to decline after COVID-19 has ended. The findings are from week 17 of their survey, which draws from a poll of 422 Protestant pastors between Sept. 10 and 18th. …
  • Archbishop of San Fransisco leads a protest among believers

    San Fransisco protests: "Government is mocking God"

    During the protest, many are kneeled before God to ask for Freedom and changes within the community. Cordileone stated, "One person at a time in this great Cathedral to pray? What an insult. This is a mockery. They are mocking you, and even worse, they are mocking God!"
  • Southern Baptist Leaders Urge Christians: “Vote Responsibly”

    Southern Baptist Leaders Urge Christians: “Vote Responsibly”

    Southern Baptist leaders are urging Christians to vote responsibly in the upcoming national elections as National Voter Registration Day approaches on Sept. 22.
  • Shining the Light in a Dark Culture: A Conversation with John MacArthur

    John MacArthur threatened for 6 months in jail if in-person service continues

    MacArthur expressed he is not afraid of any causes that will happen to Grace Community Church. MacArthur called it a 'harassment' and argued that religious freedom should exist like one. "Free exercise of religion by criminalizing activity directly required by our faith."
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping

    The Growth of Protestant Christianity in China Continues to Increase Despite Communist Oversight

    As a Communist-ruled country, China has seen surprising growth in its religious population, especially amongst those of the Protestant Christian faith. The Chinese government reports approximately 200 million religious citizens with 38 million of them adhering to Protestant Christianity. That number…
  • El Bethel Baptist Church

    Steeple ripped off the mobile church in Alabama due to Hurricane Sally

    El-Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, a Church in Alabama was strongly affected after the steeple was ripped off the mobile roof by the high winds. Understanding the struggle, the local churches gathered volunteers and funds to help clean. Members of the church expressed the church is in need of kindn…
  • 34th Annual National Pastor's and Workers' Conference

    North Valley Baptist Church fines up to $112k wth no forgiveness, the church steps back

    Pastor Jack Trieber held around 3,000 seats with in-person services before the pandemic. The state said the local Covid-19 guidelines were net met correctly. On the other hand, ABC News reported the senators contacted him by providing his personal cell phone number to President Trump but Pastor Jack…
  • Churches head outdoors to gather for worship

    US many churches head outdoors to gather for worship

    Many churches are turning to live streams and outdoor meetings to maintain social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions that have been preventing congregants from gathering in churches. St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Provo has transitioned from virtual services to in-person service…
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