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Atlanta Korean Immigrant Church Ordains Youth Pastor John Park

Korean Community Presbyterian Church of Atlanta held a ceremony on Sunday for the ordination of one of its youth pastors, John Park. Park moved to the U.S. from South Korea in high school, and studied Christian education in college. Thereafter, he ministered in Florida and Virginia, and received an M.Div. from Columbia Theological Seminary.

PCUSA's General Assembly to Consider Recommendations on Changing Definition of Marriage, Honoring Korean Victims of 'No Gun Ri' Incident, Among Others

The Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. (PCUSA)’s 222nd General Assembly is set to kick off this weekend on June 18, and will run until June 25 in Portland Oregon, where commissioners from over 170 presbyteries will consider various recommendations and reports. This year, the General Assembly will review over 70 overtures — recommendations for changes — submitted by various presbyteries, and over 20 other items of business.

SBC President Steve Gaines

Steve Gaines Elected as New Southern Baptist Convention President

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) announced Tennessee pastor Steve Gaines as its newly elected president following candidate J.D. Greear’s announcement of his decision to withdraw his candidacy in an effort to preserve denominational unity.

Tim Schlensker

Resolving Differences in Culture Through Communication

“Do you understand?” “Jogeum,” Tim Schlensker would respond in Korean with a smile as his abonim — or father-in-law — would turn and ask him in broken English in the middle of conversations with his other elderly Korean friends.

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