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Thom Rainer

Seven Relational Skills of Great Church Leaders

They are the two most common causes of forced termination of pastors. 1.Weak leadership skills. 2.Poor relational skills. Much has been written in the past decade on leadership skills. The body of literature on the topic is massive and growing. I certainly have little to add in a brief blog post.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

Longing for Silence

I sometimes long for silence. Words are important to pastors because they live by words. But in the midst of continuous preaching and conversing with people, there are times I long for silence.

Thom Rainer

Five Reasons It Is So Painful for a Pastor to Lose a Church Member

“I don’t want you take this personally, pastor, but we are leaving the church.” Yeah. Right. The church member might as well have stabbed the pastor with a knife while noting it was not personal. One of the most painful and personal aspects of a pastor’s ministry is the departure of church members. Of course, I am referring to church members who stay in the community, not those who move out of town.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

Life Lessons Learned Through Ping-Pong

I always knew that exercising is good for the health, but I actually haven’t been exercising regularly. Whenever people ask me, “What kind of exercise do you do for your health? How do you keep your health?” I awkwardly answered, “I do breathing exercise.”

Bonchul Bae

Evangelical Pneumatology IX: The Rise of Protestant Pneumatology from Wesleyanism

John Wesley's pneumatology is significant as we deal with the contemporary Christian pneumatology. When Wesley encountered the experience of Aldersgate Street at May 24, 1738, it meant that he already received the Puritan doctrine of conviction. This kind of conviction, in that sense, can be called as the new conversion.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Wisdom of Concentration

I’m growing in wisdom every morning as I meditate on the Word of the book of Nehemiah. God has entrusted Nehemiah with a task of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

Faith Is the Treasure of Treasures

For the next 20 weeks, I’m planning to speak about the people of faith who are mentioned in the faith chapter (Hebrews 11). To speak more strictly, I am going to witness the Word about the people of faith who have experienced God.

Jin O Jeong

The Way of the Cross XIII: Heidelberg Disputation, Thesis XIII

In this thesis, Luther boldly asserted that for the will after the fall of Adam is captive and subject to sin; it exists in name only, and as long as it does what it is able to do, it commits a mortal sin. This thesis was perhaps the most offensive of all to the papal party in Luther’s day. In February, 1520, the theological committee was established to examine Luther’s writings.

Jin O Jeong

Zwingli's View on the Lord's Supper, and Luther's Criticism

Zwingli's view on the Eucharist (as well as baptism) is heavily influenced by two factors. First, Zwingli had served as a chaplain in the Swiss Confederacy. In this military context Zwingli learned the importance of rank and allegiance. He spoke of the essence of the sacrament as consisting in Pflichtszeichen, that is, a "demonstration of allegiance."


3 Ways To Develop Your Child’s Self-Esteem

“What makes you think your father was never proud of you?” I asked a millennial man in my counseling office years ago. He was leaning over, rubbing his temples with his palms. When he finally looked up at me, eyes glistening with tears, he gave a simple answer: “Because he never told me so.”

Joshua Choon Min Kang

A Faithful Worker

Jesus cultivated his disciples to be faithful workers. What the church needs to do is to cultivate faithful workers and keep them for the next generations. A Korean dictionary defines ‘faithfulness’ as ‘sincerity coming from the heart.’ Faithfulness cannot be forced. True faithfulness comes from the heart.

Joseph Choi small profile

Pastors' Compensation: To Be Concerned and Not Be Too Concerned

Pastors' compensation -- it’s a sensitive issue. Pastors not become pastors because it’s a lucrative career—they answered God’s call to save souls. But pastors can’t live if they are not properly compensated either. I am writing this article in part as a response to the recent study released by Grey Matter Research & Consulting, looking at the financial struggles of Evangelical pastors in the US as well as a study done by AARP and AAAJ surveying 50 and older Asian Americans. Both studies were released on April 2016.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Wisdom of Raising Children Well

It is definitely not an easy task to raise children well. As I raised two daughters, I refrained myself from writing a book about child education. I come to understand that knowing few principles of child education doesn’t guarantee you to raise your children well.

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