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Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Grace that Allows Us to Understand the Beauty of Holiness

God has recently allowed me to understand the beauty of holiness. That is one of the great favors that God has done for me. Of course, although I am not good enough, I have lived a life of pursuing holiness until now. Because of my interest in holiness, I have purchased and read books about holiness whenever I came across such books.

Thom Rainer

Six Current Trends in Land Purchases by Churches

I have noted on numerous occasions the incredible pace of change impacting churches. Another change is increasingly become more evident: how and when churches make land purchases. Here are six major shifts.

Bryan Kim

God Calls Us by Name

The mission center supported by our church and organized by our Cambodian missionary, Esther, almost resembles a zoo. A while back, our church staff and our families visited a zoo, but it was still incomparable with the front yard of that mission center.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Wisdom of Staying Long Before the Word

Reading and meditating on the Bible is a divine reading. There is a divine reading among other readings. Divine reading is reading the holy Word of God. The Bible is the holy book. The Bible is the book written being inspired by the Holy Spirit. When we read the Bible, we encounter the Holy God.

Joseph Choi small profile

Four Additional Criteria to Fine-Tune the Meaning of 'Evangelical' for Chaplains

Who is an Evangelical? I consider myself an evangelical Christian—I grew up in a home with my father being a passionate evangelical Presbyterian pastor. I attended an evangelical flavored church all my life. I attended and graduated from an evangelical seminary with two graduate degrees. I’m also ordained by an evangelical denomination.

Thom Rainer

Six Statements That Can Kill a Church

Words can kill churches because they often have deadly actions behind them. As we begin this new year, please allow me to share six statements that I have heard from church members whose churches have died.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

Grow by Setting Specific Goals

God wants us to grow continuously. Parents are pleased when their children grow well. When a child ceases to grow the heart of the parents aches. Whenever parents see their beloved children not grow to their full potential, they become distressed.

Bryan Kim

Tracing the Framework

As the oldest son in the family, I attended a Chinese school in Korea for kindergarten and a year in elementary school. My father was a school teacher, and I attended this Chinese school right in front of my home for his own fulfillment of a dream for me to get a jump start on my education.

Thom Rainer

Five Common Greeter Mistakes to Correct in the New Year

Greeter ministries, like any other ministries, can get in a rut. And since we are about to greet a new year, let’s have an honest conversation about how to begin a new year with some improvements in your greeter ministry.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

Start Anew with God

When you start a New Year, it is important to greet and start the New Year with whom. How you start can also determine how you finish. Goethe said, “Once you have missed the first buttonhole you’ll never manage to button up.” It is a short maxim but it is the wisdom that comes from the experience of a long life. Whatever you do, it is important to start well.

Bryan Kim

A Good Start is Half the Battle

Last Christmas, my daughter received a book for a gift from her older sister and brother. When realizing that her gift was a book as she was opening it, she exclaimed with joy. I also exclaimed with joy as well after seeing my daughter becoming so excited over a book.

Bryan Kim

Have You Received This Kind of Gift for Christmas?

What thoughts come to your mind when you hear of the country name ‘Afghanistan’? I still think of Taliban in a barren desert with guns in tow training to become terrorists. I tried to erase that image with the thought that missions must continue in that country, but I was truly humbled as I was reading a letter from a missionary who has traveled over 60 times to Afghanistan since 2003 and, for over 13 years, ministering to the country’s starved and poor.

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