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Tom Taylor

Why My Faith Means I Must Vote Yes on Prop 62

California voters will soon decide the future of the death penalty in our state. The November 8th ballot holds two options, Prop 62 and Prop 66. Prop 62 is simple: Replace our failed death penalty system with a life sentence without parole.

Joseph Choi small profile

I Finished My Dissertation

I finished. I actually finished my academic requirements for the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree at Talbot School of Theology.

Thom Rainer

The Seven Deadly Sins of Church Announcements

Have you ever had a cringe moment listening to church announcements? Most of you are probably nodding your head affirmatively. So what are the biggest factors in bad church announcements? Here are seven of the deadliest.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Wisdom of Continuing the Valuable Things

It is a powerful thing to continue the valuable things. The power of life is in continuity. It is critical for breathing to stop. When heart stops beating, it causes fatality. The life of body is preserved as long as breathing continues and heart continues to beat. The reason we cherish prayer is because the prayer is the breath of spirit in the spiritual realm.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

Problems Are the Ingredients to Create Miracles

Life is series of problems. Problems come one after the other. Problems come to us like unwanted guests. A way to live a life wisely is to resolve problems well. In my life, I have encountered numerous problems in my life.

Thom Rainer

Five Categorical Lies About Pastors

I’ve had enough. I’ve heard the lies too many times. It’s time for them to end. The lies are about pastors and staff. They are false statements that seem to have some traction. They are diminishing the respect of pastors. And, for the most part, they are undeserved.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The One Who Embraces a Dream Endures

Dream is future-oriented. The reason I like dream is because embracing dream helps us to leave behind our past. In order to move toward the future, we must leave our past behind.

Thom Rainer

Five Reasons Why Churches Are Dying and Declining Faster Today

“In the past, I’ve been able to lead churches to growth. I can’t do it anymore. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” A pastor shared those sentences with me just three days ago. He was frustrated. He was confused. He was exhausted. And he is not alone.

Thom Rainer

Five Bad Apologies by Leaders

I really don’t like to share my experience with apologies, because it is evidence of my bad leadership. But leaders need to learn to apologize. Real apologies. Sincere apologies.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

Cultivate the Small Dreams Well

The kingdom of God is contained in the small things. Those who know the secret in the small things are the wise people. God has contained amazing potential in the small things. In a small seed, numerous fruits are contained.

Joseph Choi small profile

A Privilege Possessed by the Army Reserve Chaplain

Last month, I attended Annual Training as part of my Army Reserve duties. For Reserve soldiers, we report to our units 2 days a month (usually Saturday and Sunday) and 2 weeks a year (usually during summer). This year, I spent everyday during those 2 weeks counseling soldiers.

Thom Rainer

Fifteen Reasons Why Your Pastor Should Not Visit Much

I read the sad story recently of a church that fired its pastor because “he didn’t visit the members enough.” Granted, I don’t know all the details about the situation, but I am not optimistic about the church’s future.

Thom Rainer

Eight Warning Signs of a Bully Church Member

“I love you pastor, but I want you fired.” Several months ago I wrote about bully church members. The post focused on the damage they do and the problems they create. The article resonated with many church leaders.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

Hearts are Warmed by Encouragement

There is nothing good as encouragement. Our hearts are warmed when we encourage others and are encouraged by others. Our hearts become cold when we judge others and are judged by others.

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