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Thom Rainer

Six Terrible Ways to Recruit Ministry Volunteers in Your Church

Would you like to do the worst possible job of getting people involved in ministry in your church? Sometimes I think church leaders take the most negative approaches in an attempt to encourage more people to get involved in ministry in the church.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Mystery of Wounds

To live is to love. Love is formed in relationships. We cannot love by ourselves. We love someone and are loved by someone. We do not love by ourselves, but together with others. There is nothing better than love.

Jin O Jeong

The Faith of 'Ubuntu'

An anthropologist who was studying a tribe in South Africa put down a basket full of fresh sweet strawberries and promised to give all the fruit to the first child who got to the basket. That was translated and told to the kids.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Wisdom of Cultivating a Warm Heart

Last Monday, I met President Soon-Hong Chang from Handong Global University. In our conversation, President Chang said, “If I was to be a pastor, I would like to establish a warm church.”

Thom Rainer

Six Perspectives on Dual Church Membership

I love local churches. I just love them. I know they are filled with imperfect members. I know all the members are sinners and occasional hypocrites just like me. That reality has not changed since the first century.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Secret Contained in the Smallest, Weakest Step

It is wise to know the secret of one step. One step is a small step. One step is a frail step. However, a pilgrim knows the importance of one step. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. When Abraham received God’s calling of pilgrimage, he took a step.

Thom Rainer

Ten Traits of the Healthiest Churches Ten Years from Now

I am not a prophet. Please don’t stone me if I get one of these ten traits wrong. And while there is a good bit of subjectivity in this article, I think I am basing my projections on clear and evident trends.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Wisdom of Completing What Has Been Started

Wisdom is needed in order to complete a work that’s been started. It is definitely not an easy thing to complete a work that’s been started. Many people live without completing the things that they have started.

Joseph Choi small profile

Why Medical Insurance Companies Should Invest in Seminaries

Imagine that a normal, healthy 52 year old woman—a loving wife, mother of two children, a devout woman of faith who regularly volunteers at her church—suddenly suffers a massive stroke and comes to the ER. What would the family choose to do when they find out the possibility of her waking up and living life the same is close to zero?

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