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Krispy Kreme and Cheerwine

Krispy Kreme’s Newest Soda Is Doughnut-Flavored

Cheerwines Krispy Kreme's Cherry Soda Flavored drink has made its way to the market. Now, this drink may quench the thirst of customers from North, South Carolina and other parts of Georgia. This new flavor is now sold in grocery stores, convenience stores and Krispy Kreme doughnut shops in the above mentioned areas only. Dated back in 2010, Krispy Kreme was able to sell Cheerwine filled doughnuts for a limited period.

'Sherlock' Christmas special

Redbeard may come in a form of a person rather than a dog. Mycroft Holme's possible death caused by Vernet Syndrome

Many rumors are circulating over what's to happen during season 4 of 'Sherlock'. Fans are excited to know whether Professor James Moriarty will be back and in what form. Will he be a ghost haunting Sherlock or Will he appear to be a normal human being and decide to explain how he faked his death? Another mind-boggling rumor is the appearance of Redbeard. Everyone knows that Redbeard is the Holme's dog, but speculations state that Redbeard is a code for the third brother.


Korean Rapper 'BewhY': 'All of This Is Not Mine but His Story'

'God makes no mistakes''My knees will bow only to Jesus' These are some of the words that can be found in the songs of a Korean rapper named BewhY, who recently took first place in the fifth season of a Korean rap competition show called 'Show Me the Money.'

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go: Demonic Danger or Outreach Opportunity? Christians Deliberate

As the augmented reality game Pokémon Go is increasingly gaining popularity across the world, Christians have expressed varying viewpoints across the spectrum, with some calling the game a demonic influence, and others embracing it and putting up signs at their churches welcoming Pokémon Go players.

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