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Leak Photos of iPhone 12  Shows a Sign of Smaller Notch

Leak Photos of iPhone 12 Shows a Sign of Smaller Notch

IT expert in Twitter Jon Prosser raised the anticipation that the notch size of the next-generation iPhone would be reduced. However, recently, new rendering photos supporting this claim have been leaked, and attention has been drawn.

iPhone SE Rumored to Be Launch in the First Half of 2020

iPhone SE Rumored to Launch in the First Half of 2020

With iPhone SE expected to launch soon, the anticipated names were iPhone SE2 and iPhone 9, but Apple accidentally freed accessory packages data, and it will be presumably be called iPhone SE(2020).

The Most Dominant Remote-Conferencing Tool, Zoom, Incurs Many Privacy Issues.

The Most Dominant Remote-Conferencing Tool, Zoom, Incurs Many Privacy Issues

With the emergence of COVID-19, most countries around the world have closed down schools or turned their classes online only. To help organizations to educate students and keep business operating amid of pandemic, offered Zoom Video Conference Tool/Software to all K-12 Schools (Students, Teachers, Administrators) for Free. Zoom has always been free for everyone to use, but basic subscription only allows 40 minutes of limited time and could not host more than 100 participants at a time, but Zoom has lifted these limits for the K-12 Schools. Zoom recorded 62 million downloads during the week of March 14-21 Amid an increase in demand for an online conferencing tool zoom, there have been increased complaints about the privacy issue. Zoom is distinguished for how easy for people to access the meeting. Only a shared URL was needed to enter, and people can join anonymously. However, this has created a significant amount of privacy issues.

Android Update

Android N "Freeform Window" Could Soon Permit "Windows" Experience in Smartphones and Tablets

Android N has introduced a new split-screen feature, which is disabled by default right now as it is still in developing stage. It allows users to view multiple apps at the same time, and also makes it easier to close each program. The new feature, worked upon by Google, can make Android work like a small desktop. The new feature will revolutionize Android experience and make it easier for small app developers and hardware manufacturers to add in the same features in devices.


WhatsApp Update 2.12.314 for Windows Phones Now Available for Download

The WhatsApp beta version, which was previously implemented on Windows Phones has recently been updated to WhatsApp Update 2.12.314 according to the NeuroGadget. The new update has several features that can be considered as relatively important and not just the usual bug fixes.

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