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Photo of VW Beetle

How Volkswagen Cheated Clean Air Act Emission Laws and Why the EPA Is Forcing VW to Recall Half a Million VW Passenger, Jetta, Beetle, Golf, and Audi A3 Cars

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is cracking down on Volkswagen of America, Inc. for the second time in a decade for violating Clean Air Act standards. VW created and installed a "defeat device" in 2009-2015 vehicles to bypass lawful nitrogen oxide regulations. The EPA is enforcing VW to recall nearly half a million diesel cars under section 207 of the Clean Air Act.

iOS 9

Apple Launches Move to iOS App to Help Android Users Switch Platforms

Apple recently launched the latest version of its iOS platform along with a new app specifically designed for Android users. Dubbed as Move to iOS, the Cupertino-based tech firm's latest app helps Android device users switch easily to gadgets running on the iOS operating system.


Microsoft Testing Out Connected Car Prototype Featuring Cortana

It seems Microsoft is looking to go beyond the world of PCs and smartphones with the introduction of its virtual personal assistant Cortana in automobiles. With the help of Cortana, drivers will be able to view information they need through a connected car's windshield.

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