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Samsung Unveils New G9198 Flip Phone

Following the launch of LG's modern flip-phone dubbed as the Wine Smart, Samsung also introduced a new handset that shares the same design. Named as the G9198, Samsung's latest device is a flip-smartphone with a dual screen


Android Security Patches Not Enough to Stop Stagefright Exploit

According to a security firm, the patches released by various major tech firms against the Stagefright exploit may not be as effective as the public had hoped for. The researchers said that there are still ways to get around these patches and hack into devices.

Microsoft Enables Windows 10 To Disable Installed Pirated Games

Microsoft has recently updated the terms and conditions of its European License Agreement (EULA)as part of its actions to combat pirated hardware and software. With the new terms, the company now has the power to check Windows 10 devices and disable counterfeit programs.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Teases Round Gear S2 Smartwatch & Gear VR Headset Coming Soon

Aside from launching the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus during Unpacked 2015, Samsung also provided a few details regarding the Gear S2 smartwatch and the next version of the Gear VR headset. According to the company, it will formally introduce the upcoming smartwatch in September while the virtual reality device will be unveiled soon.

iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6S Will Only Pack 1GB of RAM?

A major detail revealed by a benchmark test on the iPhone 6S suggests that the upcoming handset from Apple may end up disappointing users. Based on a screenshot from Geekbench 3, the next iPhone model may only come with 1GB of RAM.


Twitter Removes 140-Character Limit for Direct Messages

Twitter users are now free to ramble away as the social media giant has removed the 140-character limit. But, as noted by Twitter, this only applies for Direct Messages. Public posts or tweets, on the other hand, are still confined to the 140-character rule.

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