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"Ahn's church staff prepares drinks and food for the congregation before mass begins."

Seoul's Trendy Cafe Churches Cater to Korea's Youth

Seoul, South Korea- Coffee grounds, an electric bass guitar, and the Gospel? It's an uncommon set up for a church. Sunday service, after all, is traditionally a formal affair for Christians in the country

Minji Gong takes a role as a narration in the video made by JEONHAM.

Former 2NE1 member Minji Gong “Why Gospel needs in Europe?”

A singer Minji Gong, a former member of the renowned K-pop group 2NE1, highlighted the reason Europe needs the Gospel and called upon Korean churches to sponsor for the Gospel AD. She is going to be a model for the Gospel AD made by JEONHAM

Dae Jun Kim

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: Help Us to Bear Good Fruits

Thank You, Lord, for waiting and protecting us until we bear beautiful fruits. As we receive Your great love, help us not to bear evil fruits that have forgotten Your grace. Help us to try our best to live in Your words so that we may bear good fruits.

Dae Jun Kim

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: Let Our Lives Be Testimonies of Your Providence

Thank You for allowing us to reflect on whether we are not taking more than what we actually need because of our greediness. Allow us to only rely on You and free us from greediness and fear of the future. Instead, help us to have integrity and be responsible in taking care of our given duties.


Things that happen when you don’t pray

If you follow the reasons you do not pray, it leads to fear. 1) If you don’t pray because you are busy, you will lose confidence in your calling and your priority will be lost. “The apostles were devoted to prayer and to the ministry of the Word.”(Acts 6: 4). Things that happen when you don’t prayBecause it was the most important thing.

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