Reports Indicate Vaccines Causing More Injuries, Deaths Than Natural COVID-19 Infections

Various reports indicate that the vaccines cause more injuries and deaths than natural COVID-19 infections.

Outrageous: The Left Is Teaching Young Kids LGBT Terms Using ‘GayBC’ Book

The Left is reportedly teaching kids LGBT terminology at a very young age through a book entitled "The GayBCs," and many do not like it.
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  • The former drug addict's life changes completely through God.

    Former drug addict comes before God and heals others

    Wearing costumes such as Captain America and fairy wings, his mugshots went viral and drew attention. Hobbs mentioned he already had several run-ins with the law and was on probation for a grand larceny conviction. Charged with burglary and held on a $25,000 bond, Hobbs also carried 4 DUIs.
  • Sadie Robertson overcomes her insecurities only with God's power

    Sadie Rob overcame her insecurities on media by having faith in God

    "I remember praying and saying, God, I think you chose the wrong person. This makes me nervous. This makes me insecure. This is not something I'm thriving in. Then the Lord said something so sweet to my heart. I just felt like God was saying, 'I'm not calling you to be this perfect person. I'm actua…
  • Open Doors reach out for a prayer upon the couple and their daughter, Lydia to be back home.

    Iran took away couple's daughter for following Jesus

    Following Jesus, the couple was already 'emotionally attached' to the 18-month old baby daughter, Lydia. By following Jesus, Christians in Iran such as Sam and Maryam face hardship due to the consequences they provide.
  • Family of 7 shares GoFundMe

    Family of 7 test 'POSITIVE' after storm demolished their home

    Matthew Graham stated he started the cough at first thinking it was the effect of a cloudy smoke. Later, it came down as flu-like symptoms. Jessica Graham stated she was babysitting their 10-year-old Claudia, 7-year-old twins Zoe and Adele, and 5-year-old Darius when she was affected by coronavirus.…
  • Tru Beare was born weighing just one pound as Rob Beare (father) was able to hold her on the 54th day.

    Baby born weighing 1 pound now inspiring others!

    Newsner and Facebook reported she was graduated from the incubator to the crib after a couple of months and nothing held her back from freely leaving the hospital. Tru Beare was known to be battling with Necrotizing Enterocolitis, two blood clots, chronic lung disease, MRSA, retinopathy, two blood i…
  • Cassidy Huff encourages the younger generation, 'anything is possible'

    Teenager with Dwarfism encourages that anything is possible as she works with DreamWorks

    The young teenager began to dream big and now plays a role for a character on the hit DreamWorks series Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy delivered on Netflix. Working with America's greatest songwriters such as Ed Sheeran, and Jamie Foxx she gained experience and hope to fulfill her dream. The key…
  • Crews provide meals (SBR) Hurricane Sally

    Hurricane Laura: 500,000 meals provided by SBDR volunteers

    Here's an update of our Hurricane Laura response through this past weekend: Meals Prepared: 477,300, Gospel Presentations: 1,071, Professions of Faith: 254 Chainsaw Jobs: 946, Temporary Roofing Jobs: 102 Showers: 6,705 Laundry Loads: 3,559 (Thank you to our volunteers that continue to bring help, ho…
  • 94 year old couple invites Assisted Living Facility to 'Pray for America'

    94 year old couple holds a prayer walk to pray for America

    Looking up to Franklin Graham's positive idea, Betty and Bob immediately got involved after seeing thousands gather for Prayer March 2020 in Washington, D.C. Leading their assisted living facility in their own kind of prayer, the 94-year-old residents of Waterford held a prayer walk similar to F…
  • Young Fetuses

    130+ Medical Professionals Push for Colorado to Outlaw Late-term Abortions

    A large group of Medical Professionals have joined with the Pro-life group Due Date Too Late to request a new law to ban late term abortion in Colorado.
  • Maya Moore and Jonathan Irons married after being released from wrongful conviction.

    Christian basketball player, Maya Moore married a man who was in prison for over two decades

    Maya Moore understands only through God glorious and the most mysteries miracles happen. Moore stated she stepped away from her career so she could fight for Iron's justice. She also shared her wedding photos throughout Instagram. Moore opened up about her faith in Christ as she exclaimed this exper…
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