Reports Indicate Vaccines Causing More Injuries, Deaths Than Natural COVID-19 Infections

Various reports indicate that the vaccines cause more injuries and deaths than natural COVID-19 infections.

Outrageous: The Left Is Teaching Young Kids LGBT Terms Using ‘GayBC’ Book

The Left is reportedly teaching kids LGBT terminology at a very young age through a book entitled "The GayBCs," and many do not like it.
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  • Pastor John Piper, founder of

    Pastor John Piper's advice on how to recover from a tragedy

    Pastor John Piper starts his conversation on recovering from suffering with an introduction of a broken woman's story. She asked for guidance saying, "Pastor John, I need your help. Tragically, back in 2007, I backed over and killed my 18-month-old grandson with a car. I was devastated. I remain dev…
  • Bishop Yambasu's sudden death strikes believers

    Bishop Yambasu dies from road accident

    On August 16, the Bishop of the Sierra Leone Area of The United Methodist Church passed away from a road accident outside Freetown. According to Phileas Jusu, the Bishop was on his way to attend a funeral service for Rev. Edward Kamara. Bishop Yambasu, the founder of the Child Rescue Centre in Si…
  • New generation of Christians experience difficulties with their faith

    New trends involving next generation and their faith

    As of late, the world has been experiencing many unusual events compared to the past such as the recent pandemic, the movement for racial equality, and the tumultuous political atmosphere. Furthermore, comparative to these recent changes, many individuals see a change in the outlook for the younger …
  • Poor Diet is the Main Cause of Childhood Obesity

    Poor Diet is the Main Cause of Childhood Obesity

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many children are kept inside which is adding to the perception that American kids do not get enough exercise. Baylor University did a study and found out "Amazonian tribes burn just as many calories as the average American youngsters." According to Baylor University…
  • Married Families Make Better Society and Children

    Married Families Make Better Society and Children

    A new report from the Center for Social Justice (CSJ) says children and society do better when parents are married. According to the 'Family Structure Still Matters' report, "even when controlling for income and education, children who grow up in unstable families suffer worse health and are more li…
  • Jack Phillips believe in 'Artistic Freedom'

    Colorado cake artist, Jack Philips wishes to see Artistic Freedom

    Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips shares his own beliefs to the art community. Jack Philips wishes to see Artistic Freedom as a creative professional as he sends out a message to all believers and artists that their own thoughts value the most.
  • Due to her faith, Chelsey Nelson denies to work with same-sex marriage couples

    Kentucky wedding photographer denied to work with same-sex marriage photoshoot

    A federal judge in Kentucky has ruled that the city of Louisville cannot force a Christian photographer to work same-sex weddings because the "Constitution does not require a choice between gay rights and freedom of speech."
  • LifeWay Research

    Church goers express confidence and confusion reading the bible

    Some churchgoers may fully understand the scripture while the half admit they have problems understanding Scripture on their own. Despite repeatedly affirming confidence in their abilities to explain and understand the Bible, a recent LifeWay Research study in partnership with Explore the Bible curr…
  • Ongoing Investigations in DIY abortions

    Christian Concern about the risks of DIY Abortions

    Recent turpitude in the UK that has caught the attention of the Department of Health is death surrounding a new 'pills by post' service.
  • Harvest Crusade being held in the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Southern California

    Harvest Crusade is Changing their long-maintained stadium tradition to acclimate to the pandemic

    Harvest Crusade is Changing their long-maintained stadium tradition to acclimate to the pandemic
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