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Fuller Asian American Initiative

Asian American Ministers, Artists, Activists Dialogue on Intersection of Faith and Culture

The Asian American Initiative at Fuller Theological Seminary hosted its first all-day conference on Saturday exploring Asian American identity, and how it relates to an individual's understanding of the gospel. In particular, the conference aimed to examine that intersection through the lens of pop culture, as guest speakers included comic book writer and artist Gene Luen Yang, blogger Phil "Angry Asian Man" Yu, musician Tim Ouyang of Tim Be Told, and comedian and writer Jenny Yang.

Christian Organizations Join Hands to Kickstart Study Bible Relevant to African Culture

A group of Christian organizations is partnering together to launch a study Bible with notes contextualized to the African culture. Spearheaded by Oasis International, a publishing ministry for Africa, the project called the African Study Bible aims to provide a study Bible produced and developed "by Africans for Africans," according to a press release.

Tim Schlensker

Resolving Differences in Culture Through Communication

“Do you understand?” “Jogeum,” Tim Schlensker would respond in Korean with a smile as his abonim — or father-in-law — would turn and ask him in broken English in the middle of conversations with his other elderly Korean friends.


G2G-KODIA Become One: 'For the Next Generation of the Korean Immigrant Church'

Two organizations that have been working to serve the next generation of the Korean immigrant church have merged together. Pastors from Southern California, New York, and other regions, of both first and second generation Korean Americans, attended the merger ceremony to congratulate G2G (Generation to Generation Christian Education Center) and KODIA (Korean Diaspora Christian Education Institute) on becoming one organization.

KCCD Lighting the Community Summit

KCCD to Host Ninth Annual Summit to Equip and to Voice the Interests of Asian American Community

The Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Christian community will be gathering in Washington, D.C. in June to engage with elected officials regarding the needs of the AAPI community as well as to learn about resources they can receive from the government. This year makes the ninth time that Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD) has hosted a summit for the AAPI Christian community, addressing the needs of AAPI individuals and training them to understand the resources available to them on the government level.

Tom Mercer Happy Pastors Conference

Tom Mercer Shares 'Oikos' Paradigm with Korean Pastors: 'Not a Program or Event, but Everything Jesus Did and Taught'

Hanam Presbyterian Church in South Korea, which has been serving pastors of non-self-sufficient churches for the past eight years, has set out to now serve pastors of Korean immigrant churches. The ninth ‘Happy Pastors Seminar’ that Hanam Church has hosted was attended by 30 some pastors of Korean immigrant churches and took place late last month at High Desert Church and CJ Grand Hotel.

Seattle North Korea prayer meeting

Korean Christians in Seattle Pray for Reunification in the Korean Peninsula

“Reunification is approaching. We need a ‘strategy for reunification,’ and a ‘strategy after reunification.’ Our sincere prayers for peaceful reunification will open the door for reunification between North and South Korea. The reunification of one people is not in the hands of political leaders, but those of God. God hears the cries of our brothers in North Korea and will save them.”

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