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Unity in Christ Is Needed "to Fulfill the Calling God Has Entrusted"

HYM, also known as Here am I Young Christian Movement, held its 33rd worship gathering at Anaheim Sarang Community Church's Kingdom Dream Center. The theme was "One Body in Christ (Eph. 4:1-16)," and took place from Septmeber 26 to 27, with Reverend Sung-Hwan Kim from Gardena Presbyterian Church and Reverend Chang-Soo Noh from Sarang Community Church as the main speakers. Eun-Sil Baek, the president of International Coffee Break Ministries, also led a seminar.

KCC Korean Church Coalition

For Reunification in Korea, "We Need to Ask God to Move"

“Why do we need to pray? Because the people in North Korea are still starving to death and suffering pain. We cannot lose our compassionate heart toward them when they have been in this suffering for 70 years.” This is the passionate response of Reverend Peter I. Sohn, the president of Korean Church Coalition for North Korea Freedom, a Korean non-profit organization that has been actively advocating for the human rights of the North Korean people, and hosting various prayer and advocacy meetings and conferences since its founding in 2004.

Park Jong Deok Salvation Army

Salvation Army Korea to Launch 'Holiness Movement'

Extreme materialism, a stagnant morality, and a loss of compassion. These are among the problems that the church in Korea faces today and fails to resolve. Pastors and believers are also too often criticized for being among those who struggle with these very problems. The Salvation Army Korea (Territorial Commander : Park Jong-deok) will be launching a "holiness movement" to deal with the moral crisis and the problems the church in Korea faces today.

MIU card

Reaching Students in Mongolia with the Gospel

College students from all over the world have been exposed to the gospel at a university in perhaps an unexpected location: Mongolia. Mongolia International University is the only university in the country that teaches all of its classes in English. But even more importantly, the university was founded in 2002 with a missional purpose to reach students in Mongolia with the gospel.

Korean American family services KFAM

Non-Profit Workers "True Heroes" of the Community: First Korean American Non-Profit Fair in Los Angeles

Korean American volunteers who give their time and energy to serve the greater community gathered in one place on Saturday at the first ever Korean American non-profit organization fair in Los Angeles. The fair, called "Love of Sharing," was hosted by Open Bank's charity foundation, Open Stewardship Foundation, and featured some 20 non-profit organizations that focus on various facets of society: low-income communities, individuals with disabilities, the immigrant community, families and children, and impoverished communities in other countries, among others.

Young Lee Hertig

Interview with Dr. Young Lee Hertig: Remembering and Passing on Where We Come From

A major aspect that must not be left out in discussions regarding the Asian American home or church context is that of the culture and history of the ethnic group, according to Rev. Dr. Young Lee Hertig. Hertig is one who has immersed herself in the intersection of culture and faith in multiple fields. She earned her Ph.D. in intercultural studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, where she also worked as a professor of cross cultural ministry for a period. She currently teaches at Azusa Pacific University’s Global Studies and Sociology Department.

Photo of the Gutenberg Bible

Bible Verses on Strength: 15 Bible Quotes That Will Empower the Christian Believer

Pastor Francis Chan once said that the Holy Spirit will ask Christians "to go somewhere or do something" they "wouldn't normally want or choose to do. The Holy Spirit will lead them "to the way of the cross, as He led Jesus to the cross, and that is definitely not a safe or pretty or comfortable place to be. The Holy Spirit molds us into the person God designed us to be. Chan described this process as "incredibly painful," but sure to strip Christians of "selfishness, pride, and fear." Christianity Daily compiled a list of fifteen Bible verses on strength that comes directly from God.

A Photo of A Leather-Bound Bible

Bible Verses on Peace: 12 Important Scriptures That Explain Why There Is No Peace Apart from Jesus Christ

All people seek peace during their lifetime. The world defines peace as freedom from “disturbance” and “the cessation of war or violence.” Many non-profit organizations exist to promote peace between nations and communities, and to alleviate human suffering by meeting basic needs for survival. All of that is very important, but the peace that exists on this earth is fleeting, momentary, and temporary. True peace exists in eternity and comes from Jesus Christ.

Crossing Borders Eat 4 NK

"Eat 4 North Korea": A Fundraiser to Help North Korean Refugees

Crossing Borders, a Christian non-profit dedicataed to helping North Korean refugees, is hosting a fundraiser in Irvine called "Eat for North Korea," or "E4NK," on September 16 at 7:30 PM at the Urban Seoul 2.0 restaurant in Irvine Spectrum. Regular admission is $60, and $75 for a t-shirt along with admission.

South Bay Together

South Bay Korean American Pastors Switch Pulpits

Four Korean American pastors did what they call a “pulpit rotations” for three weeks in August, taking turns speaking at each others’ ministries. I had the chance to join their de-briefing lunch after the rotation was concluded. Their talks were light-hearted, and the discussion consisted of food preferences, ideal manly body types, -- and of course, what stood out to them during the pulpit rotations, and what they plan on doing in the future.

NexGen's Next New Thing: A Podcast to Expand Its Horizons

NexGen Pastors’ Fellowship, which has continually offered events and networking spaces for Asian American pastors since its beginnings in 2011, recently launched a new initiative: a podcast. Podcasts will explore various topics, including the dynamics between first and second generation pastors in the Asian American context, the theme on which NexGen was originally started.

Open Bank Open Stewardship Foundation

Korean American Non-Profits to Gather in One Place for First Non-Profit Fair

Open Bank’s charity foundation, Open Stewardship Foundation, will be hosting a non-profit organization fair called “Love of Sharing” on September 19, during which representatives of 20 local Korean non-profit organizations will be present. The fair will take place from 10 AM to 3 PM at the Moseley-Salvatori Conference Center at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

As Hundreds of Thousands of Syrian Refugees Flee, Christian Organizations Offer Aid

As hundreds of thousands of refugees have been flooding into the European continent seeking asylum, refugees have been faced with delay, mistreatment, and lack of access to food or proper shelter for several days. Christian relief organizations have been taking steps to provide immediate needs for the refugees. "It is the largest crisis of its kind in the region since the Second World War," the Samaritan's Purse said in a statement.

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