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David Lee Sanctification Presbyterian Church

After Overcoming His Own Challenges, One Teen Aims to Give Hope Through Writing

Since the day David Lee was born, he was faced with challenges to overcome. He was born prematurely, weighing 1.8 kilograms, and had retionpathy and cerebral palsy. But at the young age of 13, he has already written 120 poems, and in 2016, published his first collection of poems called, ‘The Child Who Walks in Wisdom.’

G2G-KODIA forum

‘All Theology Is Born Out of Contextual Struggles and Questions’: G2G-KODIA Hosts Forum on Contextual Theology

“Every theologian is historically particular … They all struggled with their own particular contexts. These people we consider giants of theology struggled with their own questions.” Such was the case made by Dr. Daniel Lee, director of the Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary, who spoke at a forum on Monday hosted by G2G-KODIA.


‘Historic’ Initiative Seeks to Connect API Community to Employment Resources

To help the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community get connected with the employment resources they need, Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD) has partnered with the city of Los Angeles to launch the API JOBS (Job Opportunities and Business Success) Initiative, which was announced on January 26.

Immigration reform rally

Association of Christian Universities Call on Lawmakers to Pass Immigration Reform Bill

The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), an association of over 170 Christian institutions in North America and internationally, is calling on U.S. lawmakers to pass a bill that would provide protections to undocumented immigrants, similar to the protections offered in former President Obama’s executive orders.

LA Theology Conference

Theologians Gather in Southern California to Discuss the ‘Task of Dogmatics’

For the fifth time, theologians from Southern California and across the world gathered in the West Coast for the annual ‘Los Angeles Theology Conference’ co-hosted by Zondervan, Biola University, and Fuller Theological Seminary. This year, the conference took place at Biola University from January 12 to 13. The two institutions take turns hosting the conference each year.

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