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Military chaplaincy

U.S. Military Chaplaincy as a Calling and Mission Field

“People encouraged me to take the path of a pastor, but I wanted to do something that would push me to challenge myself even more.” Pastor Kye-Chang Lee, who is a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy, led the first U.S. military chaplain seminar for Koreans and Korean Americans at Los Angeles Onnuri Church on Jan. 26, at which about 30 people were present.

Turkey refugee camps

"The Perfect Time to Share the Gospel with Syrian Refugees"

“We praised God and prayed that the souls of the Syrian refugees here would be able to experience the love of God at the cross at Calvary, and receive salvation. We’ve witnessed the doors of heaven being opened as we proclaimed the gospel to the Muslim refugees, and prayed on behalf of them in the name of Jesus.”

Saeed Abedini

President Obama Meets with Family of Pastor Saeed Abedini

During a recent visit to Boise, Idaho, President Obama met with the family of Pastor Saeed Abedini, an Iranian-American pastor who is currently serving an eight-year prison sentence in Iran for his Christian faith. President Obama told Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of Saeed Abedini, that bringing Abedini home to the U.S. is a “top priority.”

Prayer movement

Korean Church Leaders to Continue Prayer Movement throughout the Country for the "Spiritual Revival" of the Nation

Korean church leaders have officially begun an intercessory prayer movement for the nation. The Korean Christian Council in America (KCCA) and the Jesus Awakening Movement of America (JAMA) will be leading “The United Prayer Movement of Local Churches for the City and for America” in various cities in the nation, starting in Orange County, to Dallas, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Seattle.


Korean Youth Come to Los Angeles to Experience America and Share the Gospel

19 Korean Christian youths from Korea came to stay at Los Angeles for a month to not only experience American culture, but also receive spiritual training. The program is called ‘School for Future Leaders’ (SFL). There are numerous programs offered from Korea that allows youth to tour the U.S. and experience American culture, but SFL offers an emphasis on spiritual training.

Los Angeles

TogetherLA: How Can Christians Go about Loving Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a unique city with diverse groups of people ethnically as well as socioeconomically, and the city itself contains various neighborhoods that are vastly different from each other: Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Echo Park, Koreatown, Little Ethiopia, South Central, Compton, Little Tokyo, and Downtown, to name a few—all in one city. Recognizing the importance and uniqueness of Los Angeles as a city, Christian leaders in various contexts, including churches, non-profits, government, and entertainment, have decided to gather at the upcoming ‘TogetherLA,’ in hopes to equip and connect Christian leaders to love the city more effectively.

Jesus Way2

"Jesus' Way" Starting Worship Tour in Atlanta, Hoping to Restore Radical Worship

Jesus’ Way, the worship band that has been leading worship at Sooyoungro Presbyterian Church’s Friday late night worship services, has arrived in Atlanta. “We’re holding on to Mark 1:2-3, and striving to be like John the Baptist, whose voice cried out in the desert to reveal Jesus and who did not glorify himself."

Thousands of Christian Media and Ministry Professionals to Attend NRB15

Next month, thousands of Christian media and ministry professionals will make their way to the NRB 2015 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, TN, to network, to discover new resources, and to expose themselves to the latest tips, trends, and insights in their field of work.

Vision Care

"Offering Hope to Those with Sight Impairments in Third World Countries"

Sarang Community Church, located in Anaheim, CA, gave $50,000 in their Christmas offering to help treat those with blindness or sight impairments. The offering was given to Vision Care, a relief organization that offers medical aid to those with sight impairments, through which approximately 400 people would have the potential to be treated.

World map painting

Over 26,000 Korean Missionaries Doing Mission Work in 170 Different Countries, Study Shows

The Korea World Missions Association (KWMA) released a study on Jan. 8 which showed that as of December 2014, there are 26,677 Korean missionaries in 170 different countries all over the world. Although the number of Korean missionaries has been on the rise, the amount of increase in 2014—an increase of 932 Korean missionaries—was less than that of 2013, during which 1,003 additional missionaries were sent to mission fields.


New York Evangelism Fellowship Begins 2015 Passionately Sharing the Gospel

Heard from the intersection of Union Street and Main Street on the first Saturday morning of 2015 (Jan. 3) were the strong, passionate voices of the pastors in New York Evangelism Fellowship sharing the gospel to passersby on the street. Members of New York Evangelism Fellowship, a Korean evangelistic group, meet every Saturday at the Flushing public parking lot, and share the gospel indiscriminately to Koreans and non-Koreans alike. Despite the icy winds, these members came out once again on Jan. 3 to share the gospel with the members of the community.


Youth and College Students Experience God's Love and Make Faith Commitments at Higher Calling

On Tuesday night, Korea Campus Crusade for Christ’s annual “Higher Calling” Conference had its fifth main plenary session. The overall purpose for this year’s conference was to motivate the youth and college students to be a light to their world. In this particular session, the national director of Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC) USA, Dong Whan Kim, spoke and preached from John 9:1-12 as his son, David Kim—who is also serving as a full-time KCCC staff—translated. The passage was on Jesus healing a man who was born blind.

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