German Church Opens Doors to Muslim Facing COVID-19 Restrictions for Ramadan

A church in Berlin has opened the chapel to Muslim worshippers who are not able to gather altogether at the mosque because of coronavirus restrictions on the gatherings, BBC reported.

Myanmar Pastor Presumed Dead Returns Home More Than a Year Later

42-year-old Myanmar pastor, Tun N., who served a humble church of 50 members for 20 years has returned after being presumed dead.
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  • Jesus Film

    Project Friendship Part 8: Into The Wild II

    For the last week of their mission trip, the KCCC LA team was sent out into the countryside of Mongolia to share the Gospel with two nomadic families they met as they drove through the plains.
  • Mongolian traditional tents

    Project Friendship Part 7: Into The Wild I

    Every year, before KCCC (Korea Campus Crusade for Christ) in Los Angeles sends out its many short term mission teams to their respective fields, the younger students always get to hear stories and testimonies and stories about what makes each country unique and special. For Mongolia, it was leaving …
  • Gospel Night

    Project Friendship Part 6: The Big Day

    The Friday on the 13th June, was the day all the members of the KCCC LA Mongolia mission team were waiting for. This was the day the missionaries were planning to officially share about the Gospel of Christ with the Mongolian college students with whom they have been having English class and fellows…
  • Cafe Night

    Project Friendship Part 5: Fellowship

    Perhaps the most important part of any short-term or long-term mission trip is getting to know the people of the country at a very intimate level before sharing the Gospel with them. The KCCC Mongolia mission team also put a heavy emphasis on fellowship with their Mongolian students who showed up to…
  • MCCC Open Chapel

    Project Friendship Part 4: Just Like Back at Home

    On the last Friday of May before they started their campus ministry, the Mongolia mission team from KCCC was invited to join in MCCC’s last joint worship of the academic year. The worship was hosted at a local church behind the Ulanbaataar University campus, and students of seven college campuses …
  • English Class

    Project Friendship Part 3: Campus Life and Campus Ministry

    On June 2nd , after a few days to get adjusted to their new environment and overcoming jetlag, the KCCC Mongolia mission team began the first part of their campus ministry, which was to bring students that God had prepared for them to eventually share the Gospel with.
  • Team #3 at Ulanbaataar

    Project Friendship Part 2: “Sain Baina Uu Ulanbaataar!” (Hello, Ulanbaataar)

    After almost 15 hours in the air, and 12 hours in Korea, the KCCC Mongolia mission team finally landed in Chinggis Khan International Airport in Ulanbaataar, the capital city of Mongolia. The 11 Korean American missionaries were greeted by 4 Mongolian CCC key students and 2 full-time staff who will …
  • Team #3 at LAX

    Project Friendship Part 1: Take Off

    On May 27th, KCCC (Korea Campus Crusade for Christ) sent out its very first of around 16 short term summer mission teams. Team #3, which composed of 6 male students, 4 female students and 1 full time KCCC staff, departed for Mongolia on schedule to start the campus ministry in the capital city of Ul…
  • KCCC Summer Mission in Cambodia

    A Difficult Season for Missions with KCCC: Going and Sending

    Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC) is sending students abroad once again this summer for short term mission trips. Approximately 200 students are being sent to 13 countries, and are busy in preparation and raising funds. All of the teams are leaving this week to their respective mission fields.H…
  • Korean Church, American Missionary being sent to Korea… “An Unusual Circumstance”

    United States, Belleville, Illinois, Zion Lutheran Church (Pastor Jin O Jeong) decided to send American Jeremy Shultz as a missionary to Korea. It is a very unusual thing for a Korean church in America to send a native to Korea as a missionary. In the interview with this newspaper, Pastor Jin O J…
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