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Compassion Sa-Rang

1,137 Children Paired with Sponsors in Sa-Rang's 'Compassion Sunday'

Sa-Rang Community Church, located in Anaheim, CA, celebrated its 27th anniversary on April 19 as 'Compassion Sunday,' during which representatives from Compassion International were invited, and congregants were encouraged to participate in sponsoring a child in a third world country. On Sunday alone, 1,137 children were adopted into sponsorship.

Mission Agape

The Korean Church Community in Atlanta Share God's Love Over Easter Weekend

The Korean church community in Atlanta has been spreading the meaning of Easter through its service in the community. Organizations led by or partnered with Korean churches have led various service project over the weekend, including serving those experiencing homelessness, giving gifts, planting flowers, music performances, and worship.

ERLC Summit

"Racial Reconciliation Is Spiritual Warfare"; Faith Leaders Speak on How the Gospel Leads Racial Reconciliation

Almost 40 different faith leaders have been speaking and discussing racial reconciliation at the Gospel and Reconciliation Summit, hosted by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), which will be taking place from March 26 to 27 in Nashville, Tennessee, to "equip Christians to apply the gospel on these issues with convictional kindness in their communities, their families, and their churches," according to the event website. The ERLC is a portion of the Southern Baptist Convention that specifically addresses the moral dimension of the gospel and equipping the church to handle moral and social and policy issues.

Young Hoon Lee

Reverend Young Hoon Lee from Yoido Full Gospel Church Meets with Southern California Leaders

Reverend Dr. Young Hoon Lee, the senior pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church, met with faith leaders as well as community and political leaders within Southern California on Wednesday at a 'Meet and Greet Breakfast Reception' hosted by the Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD), a non-profit organization that actively connects the Asian American community, and in particular, the faith community through partnerships with business and governmental leaders. Yoido Full Gospel Church, located in South Korea, is one of the largest churches in the world with more than 800,000 members weekly.

Cuba Church

Over 80,000 Bibles Sent to Western and Eastern Regions of Cuba

The International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention sent 83,723 Bibles in Spanish to the Western and Eastern regions of Cuba, which are expected to arrive on Wednesday. IMB states that this is the third time it has made such a shipment to Cuba, but that it is the first time Bibles "were shipped directly from the United States."

Africa Water

238 Clean Water Wells and 3 Schools for Children to Bring Hope and Change in Africa

Somang Society, alongside Geun-Sun Park, a missionary who has been serving in Africa, helped to build 238 wells and three schools for children in Africa. Park expressed his gratitude toward Somang Society--a non-profit that has focused on building wells and also does work to help the Korean elderly in southern California--in being able to participate in this work and provide clean drinking water for some 200,000 people.

Water Together Concert

A Worship Concert to Help Bring Christ's Love and Clean Water to Paraguay

One Heart Ministry, one of the most active cultural ministries in the Los Angeles area, will be hosting the “Water Together Concert,” or WTcon for short, alongside Korean Christian media, Oriental Mission Church (OMC), Abundant Life Korean Church, New Life Oasis Church, and other churches on March 28.

Faith and Our Future: Aligning Personal Aspirations with God’s Holy Calling

On March 8, Christian collegians gathered at New Life Community Church in Artesia, California to attend SOLA Conference. In the breakout sessions, many speakers continued on the topic of “Becoming What We Behold” in different aspects of the Christian walk. One such breakout session was “Faith and Our Future” led by Dr. Danny Kim, who is currently the Principal of Corona High School.

Biola Missions Conference

Biola's 86th Annual Missions Conference: "The Lord Invites Us into the Work of Transforming the World"

Some 2,000 Biola students—and even non-students—gathered at the university for Biola’s 86th annual Missions Conference, this year with the theme, "Greater: Compelled by the I AM.” The three-day conference, which took place from March 11 to 13, offered seven keynote sessions and 18 different breakout sessions, all focused on missions: who mission work is for, and doing the work in freedom and with authority.

Hillsong LA

Lessons to Glean from the Growing Young Churches in America for God-Centered Worship

The idea that the church in America is experiencing a stagnancy or even a decline is one that is shared by many. In the midst of the alleged stagnancy, however, are many ever-growing churches, many of which are churches with young congregations. Dr. Sang-Hoon Lee, a professor of Missiology at Fuller Theological Seminary, discussed these young churches during his lecture titled, “An Innovative Pastoral Ministry...

SOLA Conference

SOLA Conference Exhorts Collegians into Gospel-Centered Holiness

College is a crucial time in an individual’s formation of identity and purpose. As such, some students are driven to seek identity and purpose in the gospel and become actively involved in church or para-church ministries. For others, this period presents more confusion and chaos and perhaps drives them away from religion altogether. The SOLA Conference, an annual conference for collegians hosted by a partnership of four local churches was started in 2013 for the very purpose of creating a space in which college students can be reminded of what the gospel means in their daily lives as well as their long-term plans, and to show them that there is a community they can turn to in the midst of confusing times.

Huruma Beloved International

'Huruma' by Beloved International: A Benefit Concert to Help the Orphan Crisis in Africa

“Most recent statistics report that every day, nearly 5,760 children become orphans, accumulating to over 2.1 million orphaned children each year in Africa alone. 12% of all children in Sub-Saharan Africa are orphans and of those children, 5.7 million were orphaned in just 2010. The growing number of children contributing to this statistic are orphans victimized by AIDS who add to this figure every 15 seconds and have unfortunately...

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