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Alex Best

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Denies Meeting with Pompeo Amid Election Season and Chinese Uighur Muslim Oppression


According to senior Vatican officials, the Pope has declined meeting requests with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Pope Francis fears a meeting could drag the Catholic Church into the toxic political fray of election season. "Yes, he asked. But the pope had already said clearly that political figures are not received in election periods. That is the reason," Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin explained to ANSA, Italy's leading news agency. READ MORE

David Platt

Author and Pastor David Platt Writes Book to Disciple People by God’s Word in a Political Climate


David Platt has written a new book Before you Vote: Seven Questions Every Christian Should Ask. Platt serves as the lead pastor of McLean Bible Church in Northern Virginia. As a pastor, he feels that it is his responsibility to ensure that the people he shepherds are discipled by God's Word on the important issues facing the world today, especially amid a presidential election, rather than allow today's divisive political climate to destroy unity in the church body. He wrote this book to help Christians see how the Bible addresses some of today's most critical issues. READ MORE

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Speaks at Megachurch Urging Christians to Keep Faith in the Public Eye


On Sunday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke to the congregation at Prestonwood Baptist Church about the responsibility of American Christians to be a light to the world. Pompeo believes that the world should know "America's foundation as a Judeo-Christian nation. Faith in the public square is not only lawful but righteous. This faith is not only powerful, but required by the American tradition." He further quoted George Washington: "Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable support."READ MORE

Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Everything You Need to Know About President Trump’s Justice Nominee, Amy Coney Barrett


Judge Amy Coney Barrett a practicing Catholic and highly educated and lauded woman, was just made President Trump's nominee for Supreme Court Justice.READ MORE

CA Gov. Newsom

California Gov. Newsom Passes Bills to Allow Males in Female Prisons and Funding for Gender Transition Resources


Newsom signs off on new bills to allow prison inmates to decide housing based on gender identity, and to create a state fund for gender transition surgeries and hormones.READ MORE

Kim Jong Un signs agreement to ease tensions

North Korea and China Attempt to Ease Border Tensions with New Agreement


North Korea and China have signed an agreement to ease border tensions and prohibit North Korean border patrol from shooting Chinese citizens.READ MORE

North Koreans struggle to worship God peacefully

Prayers Requested for North Korean Christian Held Captive


A new member of the Church in North Korea has been arrested and imprisoned, and Open Doors fears the worst.READ MORE

Lotz Urges Repentance

Anne Graham Lotz Asserts Current Events are ‘A Wake-up Call to Return to The Lord’


Anne Graham Lotz believes the country has been deprived of God for too long, and if we don't return to his guidance soon, America will be lost forever.READ MORE

Packed National Mall

Tens of Thousands Gather in Washington D.C. to March, Pray, and Repent


This past Saturday, thousands gathered for The Return and the Washington Prayer March at the National Mall as a show of faith and compassion for the country.READ MORE

anxiety and depression

Christian’s Prior Struggles with Relational Health are Made Worse by Pandemic


Recent studies by Barna reveal the relational and emotional toll that the pandemic has taken on Christians.READ MORE

Pastor Tim Keller

Pastor Tim Keller Speaks on ‘Liberty of Conscious’ and Urges Christians Not to Demonize opponents


In a series of Twitter posts last week, distinguished pastor Tim Keller urged Christians to acknowledge their "liberty of conscience" when voting rather than believing they must vote one way or another. In his tweets, Keller addressed how Christians should approach this election season. He stated, "The Bible binds my conscience to care for the poor, but it does not tell me the best practical way to do it. Any particular strategy (high taxes and government services vs low taxes and private charity) may be good and wise ... [It] may even be somewhat inferred from other things the Bible teaches, but they are not directly commanded and therefore we cannot insist that all Christians, as a matter of conscience, follow one or the other."READ MORE

Young Fetuses

130+ Medical Professionals Push for Colorado to Outlaw Late-term Abortions


A large group of Medical Professionals have joined with the Pro-life group Due Date Too Late to request a new law to ban late term abortion in Colorado.READ MORE


American Teens Follow the Religious Habits of their Parents


A recent study by the Pew Research Center reveals a great amount of information on the contrast between the religious views of two different generations.READ MORE

Chinese President Xi Jinping

The Growth of Protestant Christianity in China Continues to Increase Despite Communist Oversight


As a Communist-ruled country, China has seen surprising growth in its religious population, especially amongst those of the Protestant Christian faith. The Chinese government reports approximately 200 million religious citizens with 38 million of them adhering to Protestant Christianity. That number alone would account for about three percent of China's 1.4 billion people population, though likely many more Chinese Protestants worship at "underground" churches to escape the scrutiny of the government. READ MORE

Christianity Grows Underground

Christianity Flourishes in Islamic Iran in the Midst of a Spiritual Revolution


Since the Iranian revolution of 1979, Iran has been ruled through a hardline Islamic Regime. As a result, Christianity was outlawed and being part of a church became illegal as missionaries were thrown out of the country and Bibles in the Farsi and Persian languages were banned. However, while Christians are still severely persecuted and imprisoned, a new study has found that the religion has actually been growing exponentially right under the government's nose. A Netherlands-based research group known as GAMAAN has conducted a recent survey of 50,000 Iranians asking them about their "attitude towards religion." The results revealed 1.5 percent of those surveyed identified as Christians. Although this does not seem a large percentage, it is quite significant. GAMAAN believes that by extrapolating this percentage to Iran's population of over 80 million, the population of Christians in Iran would be "without doubt in the order of magnitude of several hundreds of thousands and growing beyond a million." These numbers are evidence of the strength of the gospel growth in the country as Christians are still severely persecuted. READ MORE

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