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Alex Best

Pastor John Piper

Pastor John Piper Divulges there is No Heavenly Ledger


Pastor John Piper explains that our bad cannot outweigh our good so long as we stand strong in out faith.READ MORE

Aaron Danielson

Trump Supporter Aaron Danielson Killed in Portland


This past Saturday, pro-Trump supporters led a massive peaceful caravan through downtown Portland. However, the night would end in violence when Aaron "Jay" Danielson was killed when altercations broke out between rioters and supporters of the pro-Trump campaign. Danielson was a supporter of the Patriot Prayer organization which held many pro-Trump events in Portland, as well as a small business owner in the city. Founder of Patriot Prayer Joey Gibson had this to say about Danielson and his death: "You need to understand that. Jay is a resident. He lives in downtown Portland. He owns a business in Portland. This is why he kept on the down-low [used a pseudonym] because he owned a business in the city of Portland. [The perpetrators] walked up to them and they identified them as two Trumpers, I believe, or two conservatives, or whatever they thought. They intentionally executed him and they tried to execute Chandler."READ MORE

Couples struggle to deal with hardships of the virus

Divorce Rates Increase with the Onset of COVID-19


Divorce rates are increasing with the onset of the virus as couples struggle to deal with the various economic, social, and emotional hardships that accompany a global pandemic.READ MORE

Pope Francis Addresses 500 Roman Catholic Faithfuls

Pope Urges for Solidarity with Beirut in First Public Audience


Pope Francis held his first public event since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown in which he urged for the continued support of Beirut and Lebanon, as well as for each other in order to survive pandemic.READ MORE

Officer Tamarris L. Bohannon

St. Louis Police Officer and Father of Three Shot and Killed


The St. Louis Police Department is mourning the loss of Officer Tamarris L. Bohannon, who was killed in the line of duty last Saturday evening. Bohannon, who had been responding to a distress call for a reported shooting victim, was shot in the head. The gunman was finally detained after holding off police for an additional 12 hours, though his information was not released.READ MORE

First Presbyterian Church of Niles in OH

Final Service for the Church of Niles, declining membership and funds


This past Sunday, over 50 past and present members of the First Presbyterian Church of Niles gathered for one last service. The church, due to declining membership and funding, decided in June to dissolve and sell the building. The farewell worship service was led by Rev. Rusty Cowden, a previous minister of the Warren Presbyterian Church. Cowden spoke of the original church building located in Downtown Niles, and how the church had "built this wonderful [new]building" in 1958 to accommodate new growth. He would also go on to say that the "members will always have memories of the beautiful music by the choir and organist," as the "music made the church popular to those who enjoyed attending choir concerts." READ MORE

Ethiopian Christians struggle to make ends meet

Pandemic Incites Further Discrimination of World Christians


Christians who are among religious minorities in other countries are being discriminated against for their faith and denied life saving aid.READ MORE

COVID-19 case reports by state

CDC Reveals Only 6% of COVID Deaths are Solely Due to the Virus


As of Monday, the United States had the highest number of confirmed Coronavirus cases of any country in the world. However, recent data reports from the CDC reveals that of the 182,149 COVID-19 related deaths, only 9,683 were a direct result of the virus. Approximately 94% of COVID-19 deaths occurred in patients who had "health conditions and contributing causes," according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Data for this statement was collected by the CDC from patient death certificates, which are the most reliable form of data as they provide data such as "comorbid conditions, race and ethnicity, and place of death." READ MORE

Lynch fights for Trump and religious freedom

Granddaughter of Esteemed Evangelist Billy Graham Speaks About Religious Freedom


Cissie Graham Lynch speaks at the Republican National Convention, urging people of faith to vote for Trump once more to ensure their religious freedom.READ MORE

Faith in the Next Generation

Connection is the Key to Fostering a Resilient Faith in Young Adults


For the up and coming generation of young adults -namely Millennials and Generation Z- in today's dynamic social climate, faith seems to become more and more often a skeptical topic. It becomes more difficult to find young individuals resilient in their faith, and the question becomes how can the Church strive to foster and build up "Resilient Disciples?" Co-authors of the book Faith for Exiles David Kinnaman and Mark Matlock have devised several methods to inspire more resilient discipleship amongst young adults. And what they believe to be the basis for establishing a strong faith and spiritual relationship is connection. READ MORE

Trieber Takes a Stand

Pastor of California Church Vows to ‘Take a Stand’ as Church is Fined $10,000


North Valley Baptist Church of Santa Ana was fined $10,000 last Friday for holding worship services indoors. The church held both a morning and evening service in which singing occurred, directly disobeying Governor Newsom's mandates against indoor services. Despite reports of North Valley practicing social distancing during worship, the county ruled the service "unlawful," and demanded that the church "immediately cease" activities or face "enforcement action by the county." READ MORE

Religion and Politics

Church Head Warns Christians of the Dangers of Political Division


Assemblies of God Church U.S. superintendent warns denomination of partisan politics and their decisive nature, reminding parishioners to stay true to the Church's ethical mission.READ MORE

Youth Volunteer Archaeologists Uncover Treasure

Ancient Islamic Gold Uncovered in Israel


Israeli archaeologists uncover a large trove of ancient Islamic coins dating back approximately 1,100 years.READ MORE

Turkey's President Erdogan addresses the UN

President of Turkey Orders ancient Orthodox Church be Converted into a Mosque


Turkey's President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has issued an order to have Istanbul's medieval Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora be converted into a Muslim house of prayer. This order follows another recent order to convert the Hagia Sophia into a Mosque as well, both seemingly done to increase support amongst his more conservative voter base. Erdogan's decision was met with much outrage and opposition by the foreign ministry of Greece, who claim that Erdogan is "brutally insulting" a heritage site beloved by another U.N. country. Erdogan's opposition, Garo Paylan, the HDP party lawmaker tweeted out, "One of the symbols of our country's deep, multicultural identity and multi-religious history has been sacrificed." READ MORE

Trump's Approval Rates Drop

Trump Loses Grip on Greatest Supporters Approval, but Maintains their Vote


The President's approval amongst white evangelical Protestants has decreased in recent months, though when asked about which way they would vote, many Protestants would still vote Trump.READ MORE

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