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Anton Carillo

Pope Francis in Qaraqosh

Pope Francis Visits Iraqi Christians In Qaraqosh: ‘God And His Son’, Not Death, Has ‘The Last Word’


Pope Francis encourages Iraqi Christians that "God and HIs Son" and not death has "the last word" during his visit in the Qaraqosh Community on the third day of his Apostolic Journey in Iraq last Sunday.READ MORE

People and police in China

Chinese Communist Party Plans To Use 100th Anniversary To Enforce More Control On Catholics


The Chinese Communist Party is reported to be preparing for its 100th Anniversary through plans on enforcing more control on Catholics in their country.READ MORE

Baptismal font

Romanian Orthodox Church Rejects Modifications To Baptism Practice Amid Backlash Over Child Death


The Romanian Orthodox Church has reportedly rejected calls for modification on the Baptism practice amidst backlash over the death of a six-week old child last January.READ MORE

Edmonton Queens Bench Court

Court Refuses To Release Canadian Pastor Who Was Arrested For Violating COVID-19 Restrictions


Canada's Edmonton Court of Queens Bench through Justice Peter Michalyshyn has decided last Friday to keep Grace Life Church Pastor James Coates in prison until his scheduled trial in May 3 to 5 in Alberta Provincial Court of Stony PlainREAD MORE

Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue during CPAC 2021

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue Hits Leftist Cancel Culture’s Attempts To Remove God From America


Goya Foods Chief Executive Officer Robert Unanue spoke against the Leftist cancel culture's attempts to remove God from America during the Conservative Political Action Conference 2021 at Orlando, Florida.READ MORE

Turkey's report, "Victory In Nagorno-Karabakh After 44 Days: The Token Of The Turkey-Azerbaijan Brotherhood"

Turkey Justifies Genocide Against Armenian Christians In Latest Report: ICC


The Turkish Government released last Wednesday a 290-page document that justifies the genocide they committed against the Armenian Christians last year during the Nagorno-Karabakh's Fourty-Four Day War.READ MORE

Biden expects Islamic faith

Republicans Counter Biden's 'Neanderthal Thinking' Insult


Republicans responded negatively to President Joseph Biden, Jr.'s insulting remarks over some governors' decision to reopen their states.READ MORE

Museum of the Bible's thank you message to National Guardsmen

National Guard Members Guarding DC Can Now Enter Museum Of The Bible For Free


The Museum of the Bible is offering free admission to the thousands of National Guard members still deployed at Washington D. C.READ MORE


Reports Indicate Vaccines Causing More Injuries, Deaths Than Natural COVID-19 Infections


Various reports indicate that the vaccines cause more injuries and deaths than natural COVID-19 infections.READ MORE

Alabama Senate

Alabama Senate Passes Bill Protecting Minors From Transgender Treatments


Alabama's Senate reportedly passed on Tuesday a bill protecting minors from transgender treatments.READ MORE

Myanmar protesters a day after 38 people were killed by military

Shocking: 38 People Killed By Security Forces In The 'Bloodiest Day' In Myanmar


The world is shocked as more than 38 people were killed by security forces across various cities in Myanmar in what the United Nations described as the "bloodiest day" since a coup took place there last February 1, 2021.READ MORE

European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen

European Commission President Planning On Using COVID Vaccination Passports


The European Commission President reportedly plans on using COVID-19 vaccination passports to make travel within the European Union easy.READ MORE

"The GayBCs"

Outrageous: The Left Is Teaching Young Kids LGBT Terms Using ‘GayBC’ Book


The Left is reportedly teaching kids LGBT terminology at a very young age through a book entitled "The GayBCs," and many do not like it.READ MORE

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves

Mississippi Follows In Texas’ Footsteps, Announces Reopening Of Businesses And Lifting Of Statewide Mask Mandate


Following in Texas' footsteps, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves announced on Tuesday the reopening of businesses and the lifting of the statewide mask mandate.READ MORE


Lockdowns Result In ‘Notable Number’ Of Students ‘Missing’ From School Systems, Report Says


Prolonged school closures due to COVID-19 lockdowns have resulted in a "notable number" of students "missing" from school systems, a study revealed.READ MORE

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