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Dae Woong Lee

Light Presbyterian Church announcement

Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim's Family, Church Post Announcement Online: "His Activities Were Humanitarian"


Light Presbyterian Church, a Korean megachurch located in Toronto of which Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim was the senior pastor, posted an announcement on Tuesday saying, "Our church and Reverend Lim's family sincerely hope that Reverend Lim, who has been detained for more than six months now, would return as soon as possible."READ MORE

North Korea Sentences Two South Korean Natives, Including One Pastor, to Life Imprisonment


Guk-gi Kim (61) and Chun-gil Choi (56) were sentenced to life imprisonment by the North Korean government on June 23 (local time). Kim is a pastor, and both are South Korean natives. The South Korean government immediately expressed their response to the news and called on the North Korean government to release the two detainees immediately.READ MORE


Compassion Korea Hosts North Korea Ministry Summit; Speaker Shares the Need for the Gospel to Be Shown with Action and Humility


The North Korea Ministry Summit, a two-day conference hosted by Compassion International's Korea branch, began on June 8 with some 1,100 attendees. The summit focused on the theme, '3 Firsts (First Frontier, First Generation, First Action),' and has three main sessions, eight breakout sessions, and a finale session.READ MORE

Nepal earthquake children

In the Wake of the Destruction from the Nepal Earthquake, Children Find Safe Spaces for Recovery


Eleven days have passed since the earthquake in Nepal. More than 7,200 have been counted dead, and more than 14,000 were found injured since May 3rd. But in the midst of these tragic circumstances, stories of hope are arising, as news of a 101-year-old elderly woman being saved was recently released.READ MORE

World map painting

Over 26,000 Korean Missionaries Doing Mission Work in 170 Different Countries, Study Shows


The Korea World Missions Association (KWMA) released a study on Jan. 8 which showed that as of December 2014, there are 26,677 Korean missionaries in 170 different countries all over the world. Although the number of Korean missionaries has been on the rise, the amount of increase in 2014—an increase of 932 Korean missionaries—was less than that of 2013, during which 1,003 additional missionaries were sent to mission fields.READ MORE

North Koreans Persecuted for Owning a Bible or Meeting with Pastors


“One woman who left her Bible at home was arrested and dragged to a threshing ground, and was publicly executed by a firing squad. When asked, ‘Why was she executed?’ they replied, ‘Because she kept a Bible.’ Her head, heart, and legs were tied up and she was shot to death.” “ *** escaped to China and brought back a Bible with her. It seems that she was hiding it at her home. Her husband leaves the home often so their home was known to have a lot of people going in and out, but after word spread about her Bible, they became ruined.READ MORE

Pastor Myung Soo Moon

Pastor Myung Soo Moon, Who Had Been Ill while Serving at the Sewol Ferry Accident Site, Now Deceased


Pastor Myung Soo Moon, who had given himself selflessly to comfort those affected by the Sewol Ferry incident and to find missing bodies from the accident, passed away at age 53 on October 3 at a hospital in Mokpo, South Korea, according to Korean media. It’s been seven months since the Sewol Ferry incident, and six months since Pastor Moon had first lost consciousness.READ MORE

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