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President Trump addressing his remarks on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020 in the East Room of the White House, in response to being acquitted of two Impeachment charges.

Pro-life Groups Support Trump Supreme Court Nominees List


President Trump released a short list of candidates on Wednesday for the United States Supreme Court in the case a vacancy emerged and pro-life groups are praising Trump's list. The names of potential supreme Court nominees included Republican Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and John Hawley of Missouri, along with District Court Judge Sarah Pitlyk, Florida Supreme Court Justice Carlos Muñiz, and Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, among others. Marjorie Dannenfelser, the President of the Susan B. Anthony List and also the co-chair of Pro-Life Voices for Trump, praised the list as being "filled with all-stars."READ MORE

Christy Seller pictured on the left and Steve Sellers pictured on the right.

Steve Sellers as New President for Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ International


Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ International appointed Steve Sellers as the new President of the ministry. Cru is an interdenominational Christian evangelism and discipleship ministry founded by Bill and Vonette Bright in 1951 committed to offering spiritual guidance, resources, and programs to share the gospel with all types of people. "I am grateful to follow in the footsteps of Bill Bright and Steve Douglass to help bring the good news of God's love and forgiveness to the world," Sellers expressed.READ MORE

Jesus live a life of suffering and in suffering with Christ, we have strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.

Following Jesus and Suffering by J.D. Greer


Suffering is an expected part of the Christian life. Suffering is the way of Jesus. Suffering brings life. J.D. Greer firstly stated that one can suffer because one did evil and proceeded to pose a situation of Jonah who suffered in the belly of a fish for running away from God. Greear quotes Jen Wilkin summarizing 1 Peter to propose three reasons why Christians suffer , "We should be willing to suffer unjustly because Christ was willing to suffer unjustly to bring us to God."READ MORE

Flooding damaged the school of Buckeye Local South Elementary

Church Opens Doors to Students of Flooded Buckeye Local South Elementary School


As flooding damaged the school of Buckeye Local South Elementary and prevented students from attending, St. Joseph Church opened their doors to help. "It looks like we are going to be able to move into the Catholic church," Superintendent Kim Leonard said. Leonard announced that the school would likely not be able to reopen for months due to the water damage done to its facility. Rev. William Cross of the church said the inspectors gave their final approval after fire and health inspectors reviewed the church building to determine its suitability. READ MORE

A recent survey showed that Christians are almost equally split on the acceptance on pre-martial casual sex.

U.S. Christians are almost equally split in agreeing pre-marital casual sex is acceptable


U.S. Christians are almost equally split in agreeing pre-marital casual sex is acceptableREAD MORE

The pastor of Asbury Memorial Church, Rev. Billy Hester, believes LGBTQ members helped the church grow so his congregation chose not to wait until the next United Methodists Conference to break apart

Georgia church votes to break apart from United Methodist Church over LGBTQ division


Georgia church votes to break apart from United Methodist Church over LGBTQ divisionREAD MORE

Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in Orange County seen during online service. Saddleback church is helping to distribute food throughout Orange County to feed the hungry.

Saddleback Church food pantry stands up to help the hungry during COVID-19 pandemic


Saddleback Church food pantry stands up to help the hungry during COVID-19 pandemicREAD MORE

Pastor Smothermon Preaching At Legacy Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico

New Mexico governor bumps up church gathering capacity limit to 40%


Governor of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, increased the gathering capacity limit of houses of worship by 40%. During the beginning of the pandemic, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham recognized spiritual burdens that the COVID-19 restrictions placed on places of worship but she reassured that restrictions were all a part of the effort to curtail the spread of the virus.READ MORE

Deadly Bomb Explosions in Southern Philippines

Deadly bomb explosions in Southern Philippines


Two deadly explosions killed at least 23 and injured 75 injuries on August 24 in the island town of Jolo, the capital of the Sulu province in the Philippines. The explosions occurred near the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel where 23 people were killed on January 29, 2019. The first bomb which is investigated to have been attached to a motorcycle which was parked near two army trucks exploded near Plaza Rizal Park in front of a grocery store. Most of the victims of the first bomb were children.READ MORE

St. Mary's Church in Dallinghoo dating back to the 14th century is receiving grant funding from the National Churches Trust.

Churches and Chapels awarded a total of $670K in grants amid Covid-19 financial struggles


Forty-five historic churches and chapels in the U.K. are receiving grants from the National Churches Trust after being financially hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant money is hoped to fund needed repairs, maintenance, and the installation of community facilities across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. "The U.K.'s historic churches and chapels are a vital part of our national heritage. During the coronavirus pandemic churches have done so much to help vulnerable local people and boost morale," Huw Edwards, BBC broadcaster and vice president of The National Churches Trust said.READ MORE

John C. Sapp Jr., a 34-year-old church leader confessed to holding sexual relationships with two minors and is now indicted of 89 counts of sexual abuse.

Church youth leader indicted of 89 counts of committing sexual abuse on 2 minors


A youth leader of a Delaware church is accountable for more than 80 counts of sex abuse after confessing in a meeting with a pastor on Feb 13 to "inappropriately touching" a minor. John C. Sapp Jr., a 34-year-old from Hartly, Delaware confessed to have held sexual relationships with two teenage girls who attended his youth group at his church, Maranatha Fellowship of Dover.READ MORE

President Trump at Republican National Convention smiling as crowds chant "4 more years!"

Trump accepts renomination as Republican convention begins


On Monday, United States President Donald Trump has been formally nominated for a second term in the White House by the Republican Party and has accepted renomination at the in-person Republican National Convention (RNC) in Charlotte, North Carolina. In contrast to Democrats taking precautions during the novel coronavirus pandemic by utilizing a virtual roll call to nominate Joe Biden, Republicans took a more traditional approach by holding an in-person event with 336 delegates gathered in a convention center.READ MORE

Christian pastor and wife fled their homeland of Iran from their combined 15-year prison sentence which was imposed as a charge for organizing, creating, and participation in "house-churches"

Christian pastor and wife fled their homeland of Iran from their combined 15-year prison sentence


Christian pastor and wife fled their homeland of Iran from their combined 15-year prison sentenceREAD MORE

USA.Life is hailed by founder as alternative alternatives to Facebook and Twitter

USA.Life hailed as alternative social media platform for “Christians and Conservatives”


USA.Life hailed as alternative social media platform for "Christians and Conservatives”READ MORE

“We’re meeting because our Lord has commanded us to come together and worship Him,” Pastor MacArthur said.

Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church Persists to Defy COVID-19 lockdown orders


John MacArthur, the Pastor of Grace Community Church in California who persisted in opening in-person services in defiance to COVID-19 lockdown orders told his congregation on Sunday, "We are holding church...because our Lord commands it." "They don't want us to meet, that's obvious. They're not willing to work with us. They just want to shut us down. But we're here to bring honor to the Lord."READ MORE

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