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Jonairah Limbao


Broadway Actor Chad Kimball Highly Criticized For Saying He Will ‘Respectfully Disobey’ State’s ‘Unlawful Orders’ Against Worshiping God


Broadway Actor Chad Kimball came under fire after he expressed his disagreement with Washington Governor Jay Inslee's tightened COVID-19 restrictions.READ MORE

Million MAGA March

Pro-Trump Rally In DC A ‘Success’ Despite Attacks From Radical Left Militants


The organizers of Saturday's Million MAGA March in Washington, D.C. considered the event "a success" despite attacks from far-left activist groups who showed up to make a counter-protest against Trump. READ MORE

Baby feet

Democratic Pastor Draws Flak For Pro-Choice Stand: ‘Your Words Are Satanic’


Raphael Warnock, the Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church of Georgia, received criticism from known Christians and celebrities after he proclaimed himself a "pro-choice pastor" who will fight to keep abortion legal in his state.READ MORE

Michigan Anti-Whitmer Coronavirus Lockdown Protestor Blasts Whitmer

COVID-19 Lockdowns Bad For Health, Livelihoods: Report


A report reveals that while COVID-19 lockdowns were touted as an effective means to mitigate the damages caused by the pandemic, the result appears to be the opposite: it's bad for people.READ MORE

Praying Woman

Ohio Teen Organizes Prayer Walk Around Town: ‘We Don’t Have To Live Behind These Barriers’


An 18-year-old from Coshocton County, Ohio organized a prayer walk to bring hope and healing around her town amid all the negatives issues that have affected the whole country. READ MORE


North Korean Believer Shares How She Traveled 3,000 Miles So She Could ‘Praise Without Restrictions’


A North Korean Christian woman left her homeland when she was a teenager and journeyed 3,000 miles to pursue the freedom to worship God.READ MORE

Child watching shows on TV

Sony Pictures Acquires Christian Streaming Service Pure Flix


Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that it is purchasing a Christian streaming service, Pure Flix, to reach out to more Christian audiences.READ MORE


Dennis Jernigan’s New Book, ‘Middle Of Nowhere,’ Is An Inspiring Story Of Deliverance, Persecution, And Redemption


Christian singer and songwriter Dennis Jernigan, who is behind the popular songs 'You are My All in All' and 'Thank You Lord!,' just released a new book that speaks about how God has met him in times of deliverance, persecution, and redemption in his life.READ MORE

Russell Moore

Russell Moore To Receive 2020 Defender Of Religious Freedom Award: RFI


The President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Russell Moore, will receive the 2020 Defender of Religious Freedom Award for his work and dedication to religious freedom activism.READ MORE

Freedom to talk

Parler Sees Millions Of New Users As Pro-Life Conservatives Jump Amid Twitter’s Growing Censorship


New social media platform Parler reports seeing millions of new users, most of whom are fed up with Facebook and Twitter's censorship.READ MORE

Something Better website

‘Something Better’ Campaign Brings Christ's Hope To Americans


Global Media Outreach has launched a new campaign designed to bring the message of hope and life in Jesus Christ to all Americans affected by the COVID pandemic.READ MORE

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