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Jonna Marcaida Calagui

woman being manipulated

More Than Just Censorship: Liberals Want To ‘Deprogram’ Trump Supporters


Left-wing supporters seem to have followed the lead of Big Tech companies in silencing conservatives after liberal media's recent remarks of a "deprogram" for Trump supporters, a report says.READ MORE

Trump's Twitter account suspended permanently

Left Sowing Discord, Calls For ‘Citizen Detectives’ Who Will Monitor Trump Supporters


Leftists are now calling for "citizen detectives" to monitor Trump supporters and report them to authorities.READ MORE

Praying Woman

Here’s How We Can Pray For Our Nation’s Leaders


The United States is about to enter change into different levels with the inauguration of former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris into position. Now more than ever, Christians and believers of faith are urged to pray for the nation and its leaders.READ MORE

Three-Self Church in China

Chinese Authorities Force Removal Of Crosses From Three-Self Churches At Wenzhou


Several crosses are forcibly removed from churches in China despite these being approved by the state, reports say.READ MORE

Melania Trump; The First Lady

First Lady Melania Trump Urges Americans To 'Be Best' In Her Farewell Address


First Lady Melania Trump delivered her farewell speech on Monday and urged Americans to "be best."READ MORE

Mount of Olives, Jerusalem

Cataclysmic Earthquake Rivaling Old Testament Disasters To Hit Israel ‘Within Our Lifetimes’: Scripture Expert


An expert in the Scriptures reveals that a cataclysmic earthquake like that of the time of Noah will hit Israel in the Last Days, a report says.READ MORE


Survey Reveals Pastors More Hesitant To Preach On Racial Reconciliation Now Compared To 2016


A recent study reveals that pastors are now more hesitant to cover topics on racial reconciliation than in 2016.READ MORE

President Donald J. Trump

PBS Lawyer Who Incited Violence Against Trump Supporters Fired


The PBS lawyer caught in a secret video inciting violence against Trump supporters got fired, a report says.READ MORE


The Most Popular Christian Songs, Messages About Hope, Comfort For 2020: Faithlife


Faithlife reveals that the most popular songs and sermons in church this 2020 has the theme centered around hope and comfort, a report said.READ MORE

President Donald Trump in a video addressing the riot at the U.S. Capitol

US House Votes To Impeach President Donald Trump For ‘Inciting’ Capitol Violence He Never Called For


The U.S. House of Representatives have voted to impeach President Donald Trump following the riot incident that happened in Capitol Hill.READ MORE

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

Capitol Officer Sicknick Was A Trump Supporter, But His Death Was Politicized By Left


The police officer that died during the Capitol Hill riot was apparently a Trump supporter. However, his death is now politicized by leftists and Democrats, reports say.READ MORE


Vaccination Expert Says Unborn Babies Used For COVID-19 Vaccines Were Alive During Tissue Extraction


A vaccine expert revealed that tissues extracted for vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, actually had components sourced from live unborn babies.READ MORE


Weeks After Denying It, UK Government Now Funding COVID 'Vaccine Passports'


The U.K. government is now working to fund COVID-19 "vaccine passports" after saying weeks ago that they have no plans doing so, reports say.READ MORE

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin's Wedding

Justin Bieber Clarifies He Belongs To Churchome, Not Hillsong


Justin Bieber clarified that he is not preparing to be a pastor for Hillsong, and that he belongs to Churchome, a report says.READ MORE

Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

Capitol Police Chief Called For Help Six Times During Riots; Rep. Clyburn Says Protesters Had Inside Intel


The U.S. Capitol's police chief claims that he called for help six times during the attack on Capitol Hill and yet his calls for help had been unanswered.READ MORE

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