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Leah Yecla


New Mexico Governor: ‘You Can’t Enforce’ Rule Limiting Thanksgiving Gatherings To 5 People


New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham said no one can enforce the rule limiting American families to gather only five members on Thanksgiving Day.READ MORE

Researchers Began Testing Possible Coronavirus Vaccine on Human Trials

CNN’s Tapper Calls Trump’s Operation Warp Speed ‘Unmitigated Success’


CNN host Jake Tapper called Operation Warp Speed's vaccine efforts under the approval of President Donald Trump an "unmitigated success."READ MORE

Mark Zuckerberg on stage at Facebook's F8 Developers Conference 2015

CNN Accuses Parler As 'Threat To Democracy' Amid Facebook, Twitter's Censorship, Political Bias


Mainstream media such as CNN are growing ever concerned about the number of people leaving Facebook and Twitter over censorship issues to join new social media platforms such as Parler.READ MORE

Pastor faces legal actions due to California safety measures

Churches Still Closed While Strip Clubs Reopen In California


California remains firm in keeping establishments, such as churches, schools, and gyms, closed even as as the court allowed strip clubs to reopen last Friday.READ MORE

Hillsong LA

Israel Houghton’s Wife Adrienne: Carl Lentz Played Role In Her Coming Back To Church


An emotional Adrienne Houghton talked about how God used former Hillsong NYC pastor Carl Lentz in her decision to come back to church.READ MORE

Police secretly installed security cameras to monitor the church in China.

Police Shut Down Utilities To Pressure Christian Elder In China


Police in China shut down the utilities in an apartment where a Christian house church and his family live.READ MORE

Churches Struggle to Regain Full Capacity

Supreme Court Justice Alito: Religious Liberty In Danger Of Becoming A Second-Class Right


Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito boldly declared that religious liberty is now at risk of becoming a second-class right.READ MORE

Donald Trump with His Supporters

Christian Leaders Support Trump’s Election Battle: ‘He shouldn’t concede until the process is finished’


Christian leaders in the United States expressed their support for President Donald Trump's election battle and urged him not to concede until the whole process is completedREAD MORE

Men talking Bible study

Christian Author Shares 5 Tips For Communicating With Others


A Christian author shares a few tips to help people communicate effectively with others.READ MORE


Joe Biden Vows To Sign Executive Order Reversing US President Trump’s Pro-Life Policies


Democrat Joe Biden and his team plan on reversing US President Donald Trump's pro-life policies in the event that he wins the elections.READ MORE

US President Donald Trump

Pastor Robert Jeffress Denies Calling Biden ‘President-Elect,’ says Fox Chose Op-Ed Title, ‘Not Me’


Prominent Trump supporter Pastor Robert Jeffress denies calling Joe Biden the President-elect, saying Fox News chose the title for his op-ed.READ MORE


Pastors Must Resist ‘Isolation’ Amid Current COVID Pandemic, Tennessee Pastor Says


A Tennessee-based pastor says pastors must resist being isolated during this season, and urges church members to be there for their pastors.READ MORE

Lakewood Church

Relentless Church Pastor John Gray ‘Sat Down’ From Leadership To Focus On Life, Marriage


Relentless Church pastor John Gray officially unveiled that he sat down from church leadership so that he could focus more on his life and marriage.READ MORE

Hillsong United

Hillsong NYC To Be Investigated Following Lentz’ Termination, Brian Houston Says


Hillsong Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston said they will investigate the inner workings of Hillsong NYC to build a solid foundation for a fresh start.READ MORE

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