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Lina Kim

 Hundreds of volunteers banded together to start the daunting task of cleaning up the extensive damage from Saturday night’s riots and looting in downtown Seattle.

Volunteers in Seattle continue to clean after the extensive damage


Together as a team, they swept up broken glass, scrubbed out graffiti, and threw away the trash to provide a safer environment for individuals who stay in Seattle. Volunteers try to prove a point that they are trying to do better by banding together to start restoring the city they love. Encouraging one another, all volunteers show full support and love during the time of chaos. READ MORE

"the Church of the Presidents," has been demolished due to D.C fire.

"The Church of the Presidents" has caught on fire in Washington D.C.


Through media, the Rector issues an invitation to worship together on the Day of Pentecost. READ MORE

Christian Church in Egypt demolished as they are in full of despair.

Christian Church in Egypt demolished as they are in full need of prayer


May 20, 2020, Christians from Egypt full of despair, show up discouraged due to their church being demolished. From the bottom of their heart, they are in need of prayer. READ MORE

John Piper

John Piper's prayer during the time of Minneapolis fire and George Floyd's justice


John Piper asks God for comfort in those who are brokenhearted, praying for peace, justice, forgiveness, and love in each race without discrimination.READ MORE

Tim Keller

Gospel and Life with Tim Keller Trusting God in Difficult time


Jesus is the ultimate example of someone who brought joy out of sorrow. Jesus brought joy out of weeping, his agony, and his weeping was substitutionary; therefore, his punishment and his weeping brought an ultimate harvest of joy. READ MORE

"Great 2 C U"

Pastor Ed Young Jr says, people wanted to get back to church


People are gathered to take in-hold service at Fellowship Church. The senior pastor calls it a blessing to be at church throughout this moment. READ MORE

The churches are not asking for permission to re-open

California pastors prepare for reopening churches on Sunday, May 31st


Churches desperately give out reasons why they must re-open. Churches deny asking for permission if Gov. Newsom doesn't put in further action.READ MORE

U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo

China should share the information related COVID-19, Pompeo says


China is still resuing to share the information we need to keep people safe, such as viral isolates, clinical specimens, and details about the many COVID 19 patients.READ MORE

The Storm That Won’t Get the Last Word

Black Lives Matter, Ahmaud Arbery died to violent shooting in Georgia


Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year old unarmed black man, went jogging in a Brunswick, Georgia, neighborhood and encountered two men who later said they thought he was a criminal. A newly surfaced video appears to show Arbery tussling with one of the men before a shot rings out, blood spreads on Arbery's white T-shirt and he staggers off before collapsing. Arbery was shot and killed in the Brunswick area on February 23, after an encounter with the McMichaels. Both men, who are white, were armed.READ MORE

If males are permitted to compete in women’s sports, it will be the end of women’s sports.

If males are permitted to compete in women’s sports, it will be the end of women’s sports


Male athletes have numerous unfair physical advantages, and policies that allow males in female athletics will inevitably lead to girls becoming spectators in their own sports. READ MORE

Adams Square Baptist Church in Massachusetts

Pastor in Massachusetts was fined $300 for holding an in-person service


Casey explained his sanctuary has been deep-cleaned, a process that costs thousands of dollars, before services, and congregants must wear masks and gloves at all times. READ MORE

Author of 'Shadow of 9/11'

Woman who survived the 9/11 also overcomes COVID-19 hospitalizations.


"Our whole lives are changed because of 9/11. It certainly deepened our relationship with Christ." READ MORE

Pastor senses that his views are not all church people.

People are getting curious about Christianity throughout the pandemic


The senior pastor of Elim Church in Dunedin uploaded a powerful live message to Facebook and interacted with many gathered in the comments. The video quickly amassed more than 1000 views. As the Covid-19 pandemic shuts down much of the world, most churches are doing the same thing as Adam Dodds either pre-recording messages or uploading them live. Throughout his live stream, he senses something strange and finds out that his viewers are higher than usual in a traditional service. READ MORE

Donald Trump U.S. President

Donald Trump Believes China's handling of COVID pandemic is an Attempt to Make Him lose Re-election Bid


"They're constantly using public relations to try to make it like they are innocent parties," READ MORE

“The pandemic has not stopped the growing persecution against the Christians."

Christians in India are suffering due to loss of resource connectivity


India's 1.3 billion citizens have a couple of hours to prepare for the lockdown that has become one of the largest and strictest in the world. READ MORE

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