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Catholic Hospitals Shouldn’t Be Forced To Conduct Transgender Procedures, North Dakota Court Ruling Says


North Dakota's federal court has ruled that Catholic hospitals should not be forced to conduct transgender procedures, a report says.READ MORE

"Devout Catholic" Joe Biden is pro-abortion

‘Devout Catholic’ Biden To Revoke Mexico City Policy And Fund International Abortions


A report on Thursday said that "devout Catholic" President Joseph Biden, Jr. will be revoking the Mexico Policy and fund international abortions.READ MORE

American flag

Biden Administration Deletes Trump’s 1776 Commission From White House Website


President Joseph Biden, Jr.'s administration deleted former President Donald Trump's 1776 Commission from the White House website immediately after he was sworn in, a report said. The 1776 Commission aims to fight leftist coordinated historical revisionism that's currently happening in the country.READ MORE

Joe Biden

Joe Biden Sworn Into Presidency, Delivers Speech To A Few People – Including A Sleepy Bill Clinton


Former Vice President Joseph Biden, Jr. was sworn peacefully into the presidency as scheduled and delivered his speech to a few people--including a sleepy former President Bill Clinton--due to pandemic restrictions, reports say.READ MORE

baby sleeping

Massachusetts Senate Overrides Gov. Baker’s Veto Of ROE Act To Allow Minors To Abort Babies Without Parental Consent


Massachusetts Senate overruled Governor Charlie Baker's veto of ROE Act which allows minors to have an abortion even without parental consent, a report said.READ MORE

President Donald J. Trump

Trump Promises To Be ‘Back In Some Form’ In Farewell Speech At Joint Base Andrews


President Donald Trump promised to be "back in some form" in a farewell speech at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland on his way to Florida on Wednesday morning.READ MORE

President Donald Trump's farewell speech for his first term

President Trump Makes Farewell Address, Promises ‘The Movement We Started Is Only Just Beginning’


President Donald Trump promised to Americans that "the movement we started is only just beginning" in his farewell address released via the White House YouTube account on Tuesday, Jan. 19.READ MORE

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Should Be Impeached On The Same Grounds Dems Used Against President Trump: Huckabee


Republican Michael Huckabee has raised that former California Senator Kamala Harris can be impeached on the same grounds used for President Donald Trump during an interview with Fox Business last Jan. 16.READ MORE

US Flag on a pole alongside President Trump's banner

Trump Supporters Hold Peaceful Demonstrations Across Capitols In US


President Donald Trump's supporters continue to voice their protests against the results of the November elections by holding peaceful demonstrations ahead of the inauguration on Jan. 20 across capitols in the United States, a report said.READ MORE

The US Army outside of the Lincoln Memorial

National Guard Members Screened By FBI Ahead Of Inauguration Day


The Federal Bureau of Investigation screened and vetted the National Guard ahead of inauguration day, Jan. 20th.READ MORE

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci Urges Americans To Get Vaccinated For COVID, Says New ‘Mutant’ Strain Is ‘Contagious’


Dr. Anthony Fauci urges Americans to get vaccinated for COVID-19 due to the new "mutant" strain.READ MORE

The 1776 Report, as per President Trump's 1776 Commission

Trump’s 1776 Commission Releases Report About America’s Founding Values


President Donald Trump's 1776 Commission has released its 45-page final report about America's founding values in time before the president leaves office on Jan. 20. These founding values guided successful movements that made America great.READ MORE

Police in Trump rally

FBI Arrests Man Plotting To Hurt Trump Supporters Who Might Show Up At Florida’s Capitol


A man who described himself as a radical leftist was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation last Friday, Jan. 15, for plotting to hurt President Donald Trump's supporters who might show up at the Florida's capitol in line with the upcoming inauguration of former Vice President Joseph Biden into the presidency.READ MORE

Joe Biden

Biden To Sign Executive Orders Reversing Trump's Policies –Including Legalizing 11M Immigrants– On Day One


Former Vice President Joseph Biden is set to sign a dozen executive orders reversing President Donald Trump's pro-America policies on his first day in office. This includes legalizing 11 million immigrants and removing travel bans from certain countries.READ MORE

President Trump at Republican National Convention smiling as crowds chant "4 more years!"

President Trump's Record He Really Did Put 'America First'


A review of President Donald Trump's four years show that he really did put "America First," a report says.READ MORE

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