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Olivia Cavallaro

Joe Biden

Pro-Life Evangelicals Who Supported Biden Feel Betrayed Over COVID Relief Bill's Exclusion Of Hyde Amendment


Christian pro-life advocates are unhappy with Biden's American Rescue Plan Act that was recently passed as a COVID relief bill because it contains no Hyde Amendment protections and will continue to fund abortion providers nationwide.READ MORE


Call To Action: Stop Buying These Brands Whose Products Are Made By Slaves In Chinese Concentration Camps


A coalition opposed to human rights abuses in China's Uyghur Region has called for the boycott of several popular brands that benefit from suppliers who apply the Chinese Communist Party's forced labor system.READ MORE

Advocacy to free Uighurs in China

Imprisoned Uyghur Textile Merchant Dies Days After Release From Chinese Concentration Camp


A textile trader from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has passed away merely days after he was released from one of China's internment camps.READ MORE

Two people standing in front of chalkboard

China Buys Several British Private Schools Amidst Pandemic Financial Struggles, Expanding Communist Influence in the West


British private schools struggling to find funding amidst the global pandemic are falling prey to and are being shopped by Chinese firms, sparking fears that CPP influence will spread in the U.K.READ MORE

Masterpiece Cakeshop's Jack Philips at work

Court Drops 1 Of 2 Charges In Trans Case Against Christian Baker Jack Phillips


A Colorado judge has decided to throw out one of two charges against Christian baker Jack Phillips, who refused to create a transgender themed cake for trans woman, Attorney Autumn Scardina.READ MORE

Oklahoma State Capitol

Oklahoma House Passes Bill Protecting Churches From Gov’t-Mandated Closures Even During Pandemics


Republican Representatives in Oklahoma led a landslide vote to prevent state and local government entities from shutting down churches and houses of worship during a pandemic.READ MORE

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont

Connecticut Governor Re-opens State’s Houses Of Worship, Businesses – But Retains Mask Mandate


Connecticut is gearing up to bounce back from the pandemic after the governor lifted restrictions on various public spaces while retaining the mask mandate.READ MORE

Voting by Ballot

New Democrat ‘For The People Act’ Strips Americans Of Their Voting Power


The House of Representatives passed the massive H.R. 1 bill, the Democrats' first legislative priority that promises worrisome major changes to Americans' voting power. READ MORE

 China Revises Coronavirus Death Toll in Wuhan up 50%

NIH Sent Millions Of US Taxpayer Money To China Since 2010: Report


Over $27 million worth of taxpayer money was spent by the National Institutes for Health to fund communist China's institutions, labs and universities for health research, an explosive new report revealed.READ MORE

The American Bible Society's "Hero Squad" program

Reading The Bible Improved People’s Mental Well-Being Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Survey Finds


A new survey conducted in the U.K. revealed how reading the Bible has had a positive effect on people's mental health during the pandemic.READ MORE

Donald Trump

One Year Ago, Americans Were Happy Under Trump -- And The Left Did Not Like It


A Gallup Reports survey revealed the generally high level of satisfaction among Americans in 2019, right before the coronavirus pandemic hit.READ MORE

LGBT community protesting

Interestingly, Twitch Received Backlash From Transgender People For Supposedly Inclusive Term ‘Womxn’


Twitter's streaming platform Twitch kicks off Women’s History Month by offending its transgender users – with something supposedly “inclusive.”READ MORE

women playing sports fair and square

Tennessee Senate Passes Bill Preventing Biological Males From Competing In High School Girls’ Sports


Biological males will be legally prohibited from participating in middle and high school girls' sports according to a new law passed by the Tennessee Senate.READ MORE

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Investigation Reveals Anthony Fauci’s Links To Experiments That Led To COVID-19 Pandemic


Dr. Anthony Fauci has been revealed to have ties to the Wuhan virology lab's experiments from which the COVID-19 pandemic is believed to have originated.READ MORE

Amala Ekpunobi

Conservative Twitter User Torches Modern Gender Debate - In Less Than A Minute


Self-professed conservative Amala Ekpunobi took to Twitter and TikTok to quash the modern gender debate in under a minute. READ MORE

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