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CHDAILY.comArchives Feb 26, 2021 | Last Updated: 22:16 PM EST

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Seth Gray

Police in Hong Kong issued arrest warrants for 6 pro-democracy activists for violating the new national security law imposed by China

CCP Co-Opting Religious Authorities In Campaign To ‘Stamp Out Faith for Good’, Rubio Says


Republican Sen. Marco Rubio warns Christians of the Chinese Communist Party's attempts to 'stamp out faith for good' by co-opting religious authorities in their campaign.READ MORE

Churches Struggle to Regain Full Capacity

UK Churches Open Doors For Hong Kongers Leaving Chinese Communism


Churches in the United Kingdom open their doors to welcome Hong Kong immigrants after their escape from China's communism.READ MORE

Chen Wensheng

Chinese Street Preacher Who Was Repeatedly Detained For Evangelizing Was A Former Drug Addict Who Got Saved


A Chinese preacher who was repeatedly detained for sharing the Gospel in the streets was reported to be a former drug addict who got saved himself.READ MORE


Satanists Erect Huge Billboards Admitting Abortions Are ‘Religious Rituals’, Abusing Liberties


For many years now, the Satanic Temple has pushed for pro-abortion laws and even said that killing a baby is a "religious ritual" that is protected by laws. Their new billboards proudly misinform people with this lie.READ MORE


China Is Exporting Surveillance Technology Used To Track The Christians It Persecutes To Other Countries


As if persecuting Christians inside the country is not enough, China is now using surveillance technology to keep track of people even to other countries.READ MORE

Human Rights Defender Li Qiaochu

CCP Detains Human Rights Defender Li Qiaochu Over False Accusation Of ‘Subverting State Power’


Beijing police detained human rights defender Li Qiaochu for allegedly "subverting state power," which is a false accusation.READ MORE

Chen Wensheng

China Repeatedly Detains Hunan Christian For Sharing Gospel On The Streets


Chinese authorities repeatedly detain a Christian man in Hunan for sharing the gospel on the streets.READ MORE

China Church

CCP Brainwashing Children To Hate God And Force Their Parents To Renounce Their Faith: Report


The Chinese Communist Party has now found a way to make sure that children will grow to hate God and force their parents to renounce their faith - by brainwashing them while still in school.READ MORE

CCTV installed on the streets of China

China’s ‘Re-Education’ Camps Rape, Abuse And Torture Women From Religious Minorities


Reports recount horrific tales of how women from religious minorities suffer from China's "re-education" camps.READ MORE

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