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Idaho governor Brad Little

Idaho Governor Signs to ban Transgender Athletes in Women's Sports

Idaho Gov. Brad Little on Monday signed into law two anti-transgender bills, making Idaho the first state in the nation such legislation this year to enact them. The bills are called the "Fairness in Women's Sports Act" and the "Vital Statistics Act."Amid growing resistance to transgender ideology politically, the conservative state has adopted legislation banning transgender-identifying athletes from changing the sex listed on their birth certificates and another preserving woman's athletics as biologically female-only.

Cal State Fullerton

Cal State to Take Out Placement Exams and Remedial Courses

The Chancellor of California State University System, Timothy P. White, issued an executive order on August 2 that seeks to revamp the university system’s matriculation system. The executive order states that the CSUs will no longer require remedial classes that were mandatory for students who were not fully prepared for college level classes.

Living Hope Community Church teen seminar

How the Gospel Changes Parenting and Teen Life

The teenage years can prove themselves to be a challenging season, for both the parents and teens alike. How can a deeper understanding of the gospel transform and redeem that potentially challenging period?

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