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California Drought

Worsening Drought Endangering 60 Million Trees in California

Researchers warned that if the drought affecting California continues, it could have irreversible effects on almost 60 million trees. Based on their findings, the water content in the canopies of millions of trees in the state has already dropped severely.

Tasmanian Devil

Health News: New Type of Contagious Cancer Found in Tasmanian Devils

Researchers from the University of Tasmania in Australia and the U.K.'s University of Cambridge have discovered a second form of contagious cancer while studying Tasmanian devils. According to the researchers, this type of disease can be transferred through bites.

Winter Vomiting Disease

Cases of Winter Vomiting Disease on the Rise this Year

According to health officials, the number of norovirus, also known as winter vomiting disease, cases this year has spiked compared to 2014. Based on their investigations, experts noted that a new strain of the virus is infecting people in various states across the country.


Scientists Warn Giant Comets from Jupiter Threaten Earth

A new study conducted by astronomers is urging space agencies to monitor cosmic objects near other planets in the solar system due to Earth's risk of getting hit by giant comets. According to them, our planet could experience showers of debris from comets that can last up to 100,000 years.

Mars Lander

Next Mars Discovery Mission with InSight Lander Delayed by NASA

NASA was forced to delay its next mission to Mars due to an ongoing problem with one of the key components of the InSight lander. Although 2018 has been targeted as the new launch period, there's still a chance that the space agency might cancel the mission, which is still part of its Discovery Program.

Great Lakes

NASA Discovers Lakes Heating Up Due to Climate Change

Through a joint study carried out by NASA and the National Science Foundation, it was revealed that lakes are warming at a faster rate than the world's oceans and atmosphere due to climate change. The researchers warned that if this trend continues, the ecosystems of the lakes will be significantly affected.

Black Hole

Black Holes can Grow as Big as 50 Billion Suns According to New Study

A professor from the University of Leicester claimed in a new scientific study that black holes are capable of growing 50 billion times the mass of the sun. According to the author of the study, this is possible as long as the disk feeding the black hole continues to orbit around it.


Is Being a Vegetarian Harmful to the Environment?

A new study suggests that sticking to an all-vegetable diet could be harming the environment. According to the researchers who carried out the study, this is due to the amount of resources needed to produce certain types of vegetables and fruits.


Scientists Baffled by the Weakening Geysers of Saturn’s Enceladus Moon

Scientists are still trying to find out the cause behind the weakening geysers on the surface of Enceladus, which is one of Saturn's 62 known moons. This issue is a growing concern for the scientific community since the natural satellite's geysers are currently scientists' only means to study the moon's water content

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