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Director Brian Kwang Jin Kim I Am No Longer Gay

Korean Christian Filmmaker Sets Out to Tell Stories of 'Ex-Gays'

For the first time, a Korean Christian documentary film about homosexuality has been produced and released late last year: “I Am No Longer Gay.”Suffice to say, the film has been garnering much attention from the Korean public all over the world. But the director, Brian Kim, chose to have the film’s first ever screening not in South Korea, where most of the research and interviewing was completed, but in America.

Debris after quake in Nepal

Earthquake From North Korea's Hydrogen Bomb Alarms Public: Bible Verses on Fear and Anxiety

The successful testing of a miniaturized hydrogen bomb in North Korea brought about a magnitude 5.1 earthquake. According to government agencies, the effects of the earthquake was detected in the provinces near the testing site. While officials described the tremors as "artificial," the sudden movement of the earth still instilled fear and panic among the members of the public. Moreover, this experiment caused some members of the community to be anxious over the repercussions to them and the neighboring states.


Eating Sugar can Cause AND Spread Cancer According to New Study

A new study carried out by researchers from the University of Texas' MD Anderson Center revealed the role of sugar in the development of cancer. Based on their findings, diets high in sugar or fructose will not only cause breast cancer to grow, but these can also spread the effects of the disease

California Drought

Worsening Drought Endangering 60 Million Trees in California

Researchers warned that if the drought affecting California continues, it could have irreversible effects on almost 60 million trees. Based on their findings, the water content in the canopies of millions of trees in the state has already dropped severely.

Tasmanian Devil

Health News: New Type of Contagious Cancer Found in Tasmanian Devils

Researchers from the University of Tasmania in Australia and the U.K.'s University of Cambridge have discovered a second form of contagious cancer while studying Tasmanian devils. According to the researchers, this type of disease can be transferred through bites.

Winter Vomiting Disease

Cases of Winter Vomiting Disease on the Rise this Year

According to health officials, the number of norovirus, also known as winter vomiting disease, cases this year has spiked compared to 2014. Based on their investigations, experts noted that a new strain of the virus is infecting people in various states across the country.

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