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Houston Flooding

Flash Flooding Fills Up Houston, Killing 5 and Trapping Residents

On Monday morning, Greg Abott, the governor of Texas, announced Houston at a state of emergency as rain poured down at rates as great as four inches an hour, inundating nine counties at an accelerated rates—killing five people and trapping residents in their own homes and automobiles.

KFAM KYCC YNOT mothers healing seminar

Korean American Non-Profits to Host 'Healing Seminar' for Mothers

A group of Korean American community service organizations have held hands to provide a 'healing seminar' for Korean mothers in Los Angeles. The seminar, themed 'How is your heart, Mom?', will take place at the Korean American Family Services (KFAM) office from 10 AM to 12 PM on March 31, and is co-hosted by KFAM, Koreatown Youth and Community Center (KYCC), and YNOT Community Services.

Peace monument comfort women

‘The Unresolved Issue of Comfort Women... Restorative Justice Must Be Brought About’

What would a Christian’s perspective look like regarding the issue of the Japanese Army’s ‘comfort women’? How could the long-lasting and historical pain that resulted from their abuse be resolved? The Presbyterian Theological Seminary in America hosted a forum regarding the issue called, “Christian Social Justice and the Japanese Army’s Comfort Women Issue” on March 17.


Local, State, Community Leaders Share Resources on Combating Homelessness

About 20 leaders of the community and homeless ministries gathered in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning to share and discuss what they have been doing thus far in terms of reaching out to the homeless, what resources they need and may be able to receive from the government, and ways they can partner with the government to be more effective in their outreach.

Mother Teresa

Vatican to Canonize Mother Teresa as Saint on September 4

The Vatican will venerate Mother Teresa into a Saint, who was known for her tireless serving of the poor. Pope Francis has approved the canonization of Mother Teresa, and thousands of her admirers will come to witness the event on September 4.

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