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  • "Ahn's church staff prepares drinks and food for the congregation before mass begins."

    Seoul's Trendy Cafe Churches Cater to Korea's Youth

    Seoul, South Korea- Coffee grounds, an electric bass guitar, and the Gospel? It's an uncommon set up for a church. Sunday service, after all, is traditionally a formal affair for Christians in the country
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    New Study Discovers Direct Link Between Drinking Coffee and Lower Death Risk

    A new study has revealed that regular coffee drinkers are less likely to die early due to chronic diseases than those who do not drink this brewed beverage at all. According to the researchers, the link between coffee and lower mortality rate may be related to the drink's ingredients.
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    How Extra Cups of Coffee Can Protect You Against Skin Cancer

    Researchers from the National Cancer Institute revealed through a recent study that drinking more than one cup of coffee a day can lower people's risk of contracting skin cancer. The study claims that the ingredients found in coffee can prevent the development of melanoma.
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