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  • Snake

    Fossil Uncovers Mystery of How Snakes Lost Their Legs

    A new study sheds light regarding the mystery of how snakes lost their legs and became the slithering animal that the world knows today. According to the researchers who carried out the study, these reptiles lost their limbs and evolved by burrowing underground to hunt.
  • Watchmaker Fossil Launches Android and Intel Powered Q Founder Smartwatch

    Watchmaker Fossil has just released its latest smartwatch model dubbed as the Q Founder. Like Tag Heuer's own Connected wearable device, the Q Founder runs on Google's Android operating system and is powered by Intel technology.
  • Ichthyosaurus Fossil

    New Marine Reptile Species from Jurassic Period Identified

    Paleontologists announced that they have identified a new marine reptile species that swam and hunted in the waters of Scotland. The researchers based their findings on fossil dating back to the Jurassic Period that were unearthed in the Isle of Skye.
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