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  • Easter Island

    Researchers Offer New Explanation about Mysterious Disappearance of Easter Island's Native Population

    A new study on the Rapa Nui, the native population of Easter Island, suggests that the demise of the inhabitants was brought on by severe environmental conditions. This new theory contradicts the notions that the islanders were died after abusing the natural resources and that the population was wip…
  • Weather Forecast

    New SMAP Satellite Offers More Accurate Way of Predicting Weather

    NASA is currently preparing to launch a new satellite that will provide a more accurate way of weather forecasting by analyzing Earth’s soil moisture. Details of the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite were unveiled by the space agency’s scientists during a media briefing on Thursday.
  • Ichthyosaurus Fossil

    New Marine Reptile Species from Jurassic Period Identified

    Paleontologists announced that they have identified a new marine reptile species that swam and hunted in the waters of Scotland. The researchers based their findings on fossil dating back to the Jurassic Period that were unearthed in the Isle of Skye.
  • Coral Reefs

    Ocean Conditions Caused by Pollution Threatens Development of Coral Reefs

    Scientists revealed that the lowering pH level of oceans caused by pollution is preventing coral reefs from developing a strong and health skeletal structure. According to a study conducted by scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), this could lead to coral reefs eroding at …
  • Life on Mars? Curiosity Photos Suggest Life May Have Existed on Red Planet

    A recent discovery made by NASA’s Curiosity rover suggests that living organisms may have thrived on the surface of Mars. Based on the photos taken by the rover, the Red Planet has ancient rock formations that resemble those created by microbes on Earth.
  • Earth

    Astronomers Discover Earth-Like Planets Capable of Supporting Life

    Astronomers confirmed that they have discovered planets that share the almost the same qualities as Earth and can possibly sustain life. During Tuesday’s American Astronomical Society meeting held in Seattle, Douglas Caldwell of the SETI Institute and Guillermo Torres of the Harvard-Smithsonian Ce…
  • Ebola Virus

    Johnson & Johnson Begins Human Testing of Ebola Vaccine

    American pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturer Johnson & Johnson announced on Tuesday that it has already started clinical testing program for a newly developed vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus. As part of the programs initial stage, the vaccine and a placebo drug will be administered…
  • Dolphin

    Conservationists Concerned About Safety of Rare Albino Dolphin Found in Florida Coast

    Shortly after a video of a rare albino dolphin swimming in the coast of Florida surfaced on the Internet on December last year, conservationists expressed their concerns regarding the safety of the animal. The video was taken by Danielle Carter, a volunteer for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conserva…
  • Disco Clam

    Disco Clams Produce Light to Defend Against Predators

    The Ctenoides ales, popularly known as the disco clam, produces its own light show to deter predators attempting to attack it. This discovery was made by University of California Berkeley grad student Lindsey Dougherty after observing the behavior of the orange-colored saltwater clam.
  • Wandering Death Stars Dangerously Approaching Earth

    Astronomers are currently observing a group of stars that could possibly intersect Earth’s solar system. Since the paths of the stars will take them near Earth and into a possible collision course, scientists have dubbed them as Death Stars.
  • Bat

    Scientists Explain How White Nose Syndrome Kills Millions of Bats

    A team of scientists explained that the fungus that causes the white nose syndrome (WNS) in bats kills the animals by increasing their bodies’ consumption of energy. According to the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Wildlife Health Center, the disease comes from the white fungus known as the Ps…
  • Tropical Forest

    NASA Study Proves How Tropical Forests Work Against Climate Change

    A new scientific study conducted by researchers from NASA revealed how forests in tropic areas actually work toward limiting the effects of climate change. According to the researchers, forests in different parts of the world have already absorbed around 2.5 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas in …
  • Tiger

    Increasing Demand for Tiger Wine and Skin in China Worries Conservationists

    The increasing demand for wine and skin rugs made from tigers is putting the animals in danger in China. According to the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), members of China’s wealthy families are supporting the trade involving tiger wine and skin because they are viewed as status symbols.
  • Cassin's auklet

    Mass Death of Pacific Coast Seabirds Puzzles Scientists

    Scientists are still trying to figure out what officially caused the death of hundreds of seabirds along the Pacific Coast. First reported in October of 2014, visitors of beaches in British Columbia to California were surprised after seeing more than 120 corpses of Cassin’s auklets.
  • Monarch Butterfly

    Monarch Butterfly May Soon be Considered as Endangered by U.S. Federal Agency

    A petition launched by environmental groups warns that the monarch butterfly is in danger of extinction due to the massive drop in its global population. According to the environmentalists, the insect’s population was previously at one billion. Recently, however, that number dropped to 35 million.…
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