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  • Venus

    Venus May Have Once Had Carbon Dioxide Oceans

    Researchers claim that the planet Venus may have once had oceans on its surface. But unlike the massive bodies of water found on Earth, those in Venus may have been filled with carbon dioxide fluid.
  • Sleeping Woman

    Study Reveals How Reading E-Books from Mobile Devices Disrupts Sleep

    A recent study revealed that reading e-books, instead of traditional books, using mobile devices such as laptops and tablets before going to bed can have negative effects on a person’s sleeping habit. According to the researchers, those who prefer to use their gadgets to read have a harder time fa…
  • Pinto Abalone Not Listed as Endangered by Government Agency Despite Petition

    The U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service has refused to provide federal protection for the pinto abalone even though conservation groups have launched a petition to list the marine animal as endangered. The government agency maintained that the species is not in danger of extinction and should not…
  • Space Shuttle

    New Methods Aims to Reduce Cost of Space Missions to Mars

    Scientists have proposed a new method that will allow space shuttles to approach Mars through a significantly cheaper and safer way. Dubbed as the ballistic capture, the move involves launching a spacecraft ahead of the Red Planet’s orbit to take advantage of its gravitational pull.
  • Spotted Owl

    Wildlife Groups File Petition To Save California Spotted Owls

    Two conservation groups launched a petition to urge government officials to officially consider the California spotted owl as an endangered animal under the Endangered Species Act. According to the wildlife organizations, the ongoing man-made activities in the forests of California are causing the p…
  • Bedbug Research

    Researchers Discover New Way to Get Rid of Bedbugs

    Researchers from British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University have discovered a way to trap bedbugs and lure them away from people. They learned that these tiny insects are attracted to a type of chemical that can be used commercially to keep them out of people’s beds.
  • Climate Change Keeping New Ice Age at Bay

    Dr. John Holdren, the White House’s Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, claimed that the effects of man-made global warming are actually preventing the onset of a new ice age. Although the scientific expert supports President Barrack Obama’s projects to curb greenhouse gas emi…
  • Link Between Fast Food and Low Test Scores Among Kids Discovered

    Researchers discovered a link between regularly eating fast food meals and a decline in intelligence among elementary students. The researchers noted that children who frequently snacked on popular fast food items such as burgers and French fries had lower test scores as compared to others who didn…
  • Health Officials Discover New Type of Virus After Investigating the Death of a Kansas Resident

    Officials from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment confirmed on Monday that they have discovered a new type of virus. The discovery was made after an investigation was carried out regarding the mysterious death of a man from Kansas.
  • Kids May Grow Up as Risky Teens Due to Mothers’ Depression

    A new study carried out by researchers from Canada explained that children are at risk of developing risky behavior when they become teenagers if they have mothers who are suffering from depression. According to researchers, mothers’ maternal depression may affect kids and cause them to adopt unhe…
  • Study Shows How Modern Agriculture Weakened Human Bones

    Scientists revealed through a recent study that the bones of humans began to weaken as they moved towards modern agricultural practices. Conducted by American Museum of Natural History curator Brian Richmond and Habiba Chirchir of George Washington University, the study pointed out that the bones of…
  • Elderly

    Health News: Loss Of Teeth Linked To Mental Decline

    A new study conducted by researchers from the University College London revealed that the loss of teeth and the decline in mental and physical capabilities among adults are connected. According to the researchers, the former may be considered as an early indicator of the latter.
  • Forests

    Tropical Deforestation Could Have Devastating Effects On Global Rainfall Patterns

    A group of environmental researchers warned that tropical deforestation can significantly affect the predictability of rainfall patterns around the world. The researchers also pointed out that the massive loss of trees due to man-made activities can contribute to the rise in global temperature.
  • Prosthetics

    Amputee Receives First Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Limbs

    Forty years ago, Les Baugh lost both arms following an electrical accident. Recently, Baugh received not just a pair of prosthetic arms, but ones that he can control using his mind, thanks to Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Johns Hopkins Universitys Applied Physics Laboratory.
  • Christmas Lights

    NASA Observes Christmas Lights In U.S. From Space

    NASA researchers reported that the U.S. is producing more lights during the holiday season after observing the country from space. Using a special satellite, they noticed that the volume of nighttime lights in the country increases by 20 to 50 percent during Christmas and New Year as compared to ord…
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