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  • Reindeer

    Reindeer Population Dangerously Declining

    A new conservation study conducted by a team of researchers from China revealed that the world’s reindeer population is dangerously declining. Reindeer are found in different parts of the country but the researchers focused their attention on China since the country holds the biggest reindeer popu…
  • Artists's rendition of a super-earth

    Astronomers Observing Massive Super-Earth Alien Planet Using Ground Telescope

    For the first time in history, astronomers are able to monitor a planet twice the size of Earth using a ground-based telescope. The remarkable achievement was made by researchers stationed at the Nordic Optical Telescope, which is located in Spain’s Canary Islands.
  • Curiosity Rover

    Discovery of Methane on Mars Suggests Presence of Living Organisms

    NASA scientists strongly believe that the Curiosity rover’s latest discovery signifies that there is life on Mars. Speaking before the American Geophysical Union conference on Tuesday, scientists handling the Curiosity mission revealed that traces of methane have been found on the surface of the r…
  • Cholera patient

    Climate Change Could Lead to More Cholera Outbreaks

    Researchers from the University of Maryland warned that more cholera outbreaks may occur in the future due to the global effects of climate change. The researchers pointed out that the constant change in weather patterns can create ideal environments that could spread the bacterial disease.
  • Child

    Parenting Technique May Cause Children to Grow Up with Materialistic Attitudes

    A joint study carried out by researchers from the University of Illinois and the University of Missouri revealed that a certain parenting technique may cause children to develop materialistic tendencies when they enter adulthood. The rearing style pointed out in the study involves rewarding children…
  • President Putin

    Putin Looks To Russian Science In Response To International Sanctions

    President Vladimir Putin held a government meeting on Dec. 8 to urged Russia’s officials to support the country’s own scientific programs. The president’s call for the development of local technology is in response to the sanctions imposed by other nations on Russia.
  • E-ELT

    Construction Of World’s Largest Telescope In Chile Begins

    The proposal submitted by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) to build the world’s largest telescope in Chile has been approved on Dec. 4. Dubbed as the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), it will feature a composite mirror with a diameter of 128 feet. Due to its size, the E-ELT is fou…
  • Gracier

    NASA: Rate Of Melting Antarctic Ice Tripled

    A new scientific study revealed that in over 20 years, the rate of glaciers melting in the Antarctic region has tripled. Through observations in the region, researchers from NASA and the University of California discovered that from 1992 to 2013, glaciers in the area have lost at least 83 gigatons o…
  • Grey Seal

    Scientists Baffled By Increasingly Violent Behavior Of Seals In Britain

    A new study released by a team of biologists aims to solve the mystery behind the sudden predatory behavior of seals. The research was conducted in response to the increasing number of the violent mutilation and killing of porpoises in the waters of Britain and Netherlands.
  • Scientists Discover New Bird Species In Indonesia

    A new species of bird was discovered in Indonesia by a team of researchers from the Michigan State University, Princeton University and Indonesia’s Institute of Sciences. The Sulawesi streaked flycatcher was first seen in 1997 but was only recently named as a new type of bird after the researchers…
  • Sudbury Basin

    Mystery Behind Canada’s Giant Crater Solved

    Researchers recently discovered that the massive crater in Canada was caused by a comet that crashed on Earth over 1.8 billion years ago.
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