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  • Study Shows How Modern Agriculture Weakened Human Bones

    Scientists revealed through a recent study that the bones of humans began to weaken as they moved towards modern agricultural practices. Conducted by American Museum of Natural History curator Brian Richmond and Habiba Chirchir of George Washington University, the study pointed out that the bones of…
  • Health News: Ability To Balance On One Leg Shows Brain’s Health

    A new medical study revealed that the inability to balance on one leg for a certain amount of time may be an indicator of brain-related problems. The researchers of the study noted that this physical ability may show signs that an individual is at risk of suffering from silent strokes or dementia.
  • Ant

    Study Reveals Tiny Ants Get Rid Of Tons Of Trash In New York

    A new study conducted by researchers from the North Carolina State University revealed that ants along with other arthropods such as beetles keep the city of New York clean by consuming tons of garbage. Led by research associate Elsa Youngsteadt, the team conducted the study by scattering crumbs and…
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