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TJWG North Korea map

Human Rights Group Maps North Korea's Killing Sites and Brutalities

While for many years, human rights advocates and defectors from North Korea have decried a lack of concrete data on the abuses perpetrated by the regime, a recent report published on July 19 presented some findings that the group hopes will help further efforts to keep the North Korean government accountable.


Mosul Freed from ISIS, Yet Humanitarian Concerns Remain

While the Iraqi government celebrated as its Prime Minister officially declared victory over ISIS in Mosul on Monday, many humanitarian groups expressed concern that much still remains to be done in addressing the war crimes and displacement that occurred.

Monastery of St. Samuel the Confessor

Gunmen Attack on Egypt's Coptic Christians Results in at Least 28 Deaths

At least 28 Coptic Christians and dozens more were injured when multiple gunmen attacked them on their way to a monastery on Friday. According to reports, eight to 10 gunmen stopped the bus in which the Coptic Christians were traveling, and forced the passengers to recite the ‘shahada,’ a declaration of the Islamic faith.

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