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Ruth and Marius Bodnariu

Thousands Protested Against Barnevernet Seizure of Children from Christian Family

Thousands of protesters demonstrated in front of Norwegian embassies across USA, including Washington DC on Friday, asking the Norwegian government to return the five children to their parents. The children were taken in custody by the child services on allegations that the parents “occasionally slapped” their kids, and indoctrinated them with Christian faith.

Debris after quake in Nepal

Earthquake From North Korea's Hydrogen Bomb Alarms Public: Bible Verses on Fear and Anxiety

The successful testing of a miniaturized hydrogen bomb in North Korea brought about a magnitude 5.1 earthquake. According to government agencies, the effects of the earthquake was detected in the provinces near the testing site. While officials described the tremors as "artificial," the sudden movement of the earth still instilled fear and panic among the members of the public. Moreover, this experiment caused some members of the community to be anxious over the repercussions to them and the neighboring states.

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