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Norway Passes Law Allowing Children to Change Gender

Norway has allowed children as young as 6 years to legally change their gender by filling out an online form. Under the country's new law, the children only need parental approval. Changing gender will not require doctor's consent, counseling, and surgery.

First Baby Born With DNA From 'Three Parents'

A baby was born in Mexico with “three parents,” about five months ago to parents who had had four miscarriages and lost two children. The mother’s DNA is a carrier of Leigh syndrome which affects the nervous system of the infants because of which her children died at young age.

Queen of Katwe

Disney Movie ‘Queen of Katwe’: A Real-Life Story of God Leading Uganda Girl to Become National Chess Champion Through Sports Outreach Ministry

A girl living in slums of Uganda had an encounter with God through an evangelistic Sports Outreach Ministry (SOM) which introduced her to chess. As Phiona Mutesi grew in Jesus, she found that He has gifted her to play chess -- and to be marvelous at the game. She then goes on to become a national champion. This is the real-life story "Queen of Katwe" produced by Disney, where Mutesi is played by actress Lupita Nyong'o.

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