Dominion Voting machines in Nevada were allegedly discovered to have a 70% error scanning of ballots -- higher than that of Michigan's voting machines, a report reveals.

Citing a Twitter post linked to a Las Vegas Review Journal article, The Gateway Pundit said that what happened in Michigan regarding the Dominion voting machines "was not an isolated incident."

"The same thing happened in Clark County Nevada--Las Vegas," The Gateway Pundit announced.

This revelation came a day after Michigan Judge Kevin Eisenheimer allowed Attorney Matthew DePerno to release the result of the forensic investigation conducted on the 16 Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, MI.

Conducted by Allied Security Operations Group, the results showed that that Dominion voting systems in Antrim County were programmed to have a 68.5% error rate, giving it the ability to change 68.5% of votes, and greatly affecting election results.

The Gateway Pundit raised that this development in Dominion voting machine's status in Nevada on top of what was discovered in Michigan clearly points out that "it was systemic-purposeful fraud".

In their report, The Gateway Pundit showed a screenshot of their source tweet, which was from a certain Kanekoa who highlighted a portion of the Las Vegas Review report.

"DOMINION-NEVADA. The error rate scanning ballots in Antrim County, Michigan was 68.05%. Dominion Voting Systems are also used in Clark County Nevada. Clark County, Nevada election officialsalso *HAPPENED* to report an error scanning 'ABOUT 70% OF BALLOTS'," Kanekoa said.