A woman shared her supernatural encounter with God and talked about how she was healed of all pain from her body following a terrible accident.

This Feb. 14, Yvon Attia shared how she discovered the love of God and her supernatural encounter of healing in Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural."

At the early age of six, Attia experienced her first miracle when she fell on a concrete slab from a three-story building. The pain of falling that high can be unimaginable for a child so young like Attia back then. But as she fell, Attia recalled being "surrounded by angels" and was more fascinated by what she saw that the pain in her body seemed to be forgotten already.

"It was terrible. I was on my back, and I was in so much pain, but something amazing took place as I was falling. I was surrounded by angels," Attia shared.

The fall survivor shared how she told everyone that she just saw angels with their "glorious light coming out of them." But that's not where the story ended.

Upon arriving at the hospital to get checked, Attia was diagnosed with a spine fracture. Worse, the doctor told her parents that she will die the next day due to brain hemorrhage. Her chances of surviving are minimal and if she does, she would be paralyzed from the neck down.

But God is still good to Attia. In a situation that seemed hopeless, she was surrounded by fellow believers, one of whom is her grandfather who was a minister and did not just accept the doctors' prognosis.

"He did not receive it. And I remember him sitting next to my bed, and he was just crying out to God... 'God, would you do something? We will not accept that report,'" recalled Attia

The fall survivor shared that as her grandfather was praying, she can feel the presence of God hovering in the room.

Miraculously, she was still alive the next day but doctors were telling her parents to prepare for her funeral.

But the strong presence of God is so strong that it brought encouragement to Attia's parents and grandfather. They prayed and saw a miracle happen.

"The next morning, I was still alive. I mean, before, they we're telling my parents, you need to start getting prepared for the funeral because it's happening. But the next morning, "Oh, she's still alive. What's happening?" And so, that encouraged my parents, and it encouraged my grandfather, and they continued to pray, and the presence of God continued to hover around this bedroom. And I am totally, miraculously healed. There is nothing wrong with me. No one believes it."

But physical healing was not the only supernatural encounter that Attia experienced.

A year after her accident when she was seven, Attia witnessed how her uncle was slaughtered by Muslims leaving her "horrified, broken, and angry at God at the time."

Her perception just changed when she encountered God and His great love for the Muslims.

She shared, "He embraced me. And He said to me, 'I want you to love Muslims. I want you to distinguish between Islam and Muslims. Islam is demonic, but Muslims are victims, and you are to love them because you're about to be used mightily in their midst.'"

Attia's life is a testimony of God's healing over the years including a skin condition that lasted for three years and a car accident that left her with a lot of complications.

"By God's grace, I received healing. I received great healing into an encounter, where later on in life, God showed me that he was right there with me."