Mother's Day is fast approaching, and Keys for Kids Ministries suggests three inexpensive ways for children to celebrate their mothers.

"We wanted to help kids follow Ephesians 6:2, the one that says, 'Honor your father and mother: the first commandment with a promise,'" Dylan Kraayenbrink told Mission Network News.

"Being the new parent of a newborn as of six weeks ago, I'm finding out how hard it is to be a parent!" the added.

Livestream Love

"Starting this Thursday, we're featuring songs from our Keys for Kids Radio artists that celebrate moms," Kraayenbrink, Program Director for the radio division, says.

"We're also inviting kids to send us voice messages sharing why they love their moms and why they're grateful for moms," he continued.

Here, children between the ages of six and twelve will record a message for their moms and broadcast it live to millions.

Children have until Sunday to post their message.

"Kids can go to our website, tap on 'Contact' in the menu, [and] follow the directions there to send us their 'mom appreciation' messages," Kraayenbrink instructed.

Concerning security and safety, moms can rest assured that they will not have to worry about their child being exposed to Keys for Kids Radio.

"Everything that we do is biblically-based. We strive to make it a place where parents trust what their kids are going to listen to, and not have to hover over them as you might with videos online," Kraayenbrink explained.

Arts & crafts

In the Keys for Kids Radio blog, aspiring artists will find another way to bless mothers.

"We've got crafts and activities lined up to help kids create gifts; just some easy things kids can do to show their appreciation," Kraayenbrink says.

Handmade gifts are far more meaningful than store-bought gifts. Children can visit the site, read the instructions, and create crafts for their moms.

Kraayenbrink continued that by doing so, children would be more aware of how much their mothers sacrifice for them on a daily basis and how tough it is for them.

Get into God's Word

Finally, the Keys for Kids Daily Devotional will help families flourish in Christ together. It provides audio and reading versions of everyday stories about living out the Bible. This opens up opportunities for parents to teach their children about God, the Christian faith, and morals.

"Unlocked", a study for adolescents from a Biblical perspective, is also accessible. It includes daily devotionals, videos, and podcasts.

Other resources are also simple to find including the 24/7 Christian radio for kids "Keys for Kids Radio."

Kraayenbrink says, "We're online at You have the Keys for Kids app, and you can also ask your favorite smart speaker to play Keys for Kids Radio.

He goes on to explain that their mission is to teach children about Jesus by creating a healthy internet atmosphere in which they can listen to the best Christian children's music and use programs designed specifically for them.