Alex Newman, a respected journalist and the executive director of Public School Exit, brings up the topic of why Christian parents must seek to get their children out of the government-controlled education system.

"There has never been a better time for parents-and especially Christian parents-to get their children out of government schools,"  wrote Newman for Covenant Spotlight, and re-published by Charisma Magazine.

"That is the message pastors and families all over America need to hear right now," he goes on. "From the indoctrination and sexualization of children to the unprecedented dumbing down and now the outrageous "coronavirus" measures, the time has come."

Newman stated that when they originally started their campaign, the notion of urging all parents to leave was considered absurd. However, things have changed today. He then claims that Rush Limbaugh, evangelical leader Franklin Graham, former President Donald Trump, and even globally recognized ministry leader and talk show presenter James Dobson have all issued warnings about the situation.

"With coronavirus keeping children home from public schools around the world, our growing coalition of Christian ministry leaders, lawyers, educators and journalists are working to make sure that once the crisis is over, millions never go back," he continued. "Instead, what America and the church need is a massive-and permanent-exodus into the safe sanctuary of homeschooling and high-quality private schools."

Newman believed parents should quit using government schools for their children during the coronavirus outbreak and instead use private or homeschool alternatives for their kids. Simultaneously, he advised parents to critically analyze the materials used in public schools. He said that most people would surely be shocked by them.

He also encouraged pastors in the United States to help take up this work.

"They will be key," said Newman. "For one, they should preach on what the Bible says about education."

"It will not take long for Bible-believing pastors to recognize that God never intended His people to hand their children over to anti-Christian government schools for education. Rather, parents are told to disciple and educate their children," he explained.

Newman noted that pastors and church elders should ensure that their congregations know that they can assist families make the exodus happen, too. Churches and congregations organize themselves differently, so each will have its own set up. Some may choose to establish a Christian school. By contrast, others may only opt for homeschool. People in smaller churches may prefer to use online programs instead of physical buildings.

The Public School Exit director also pledged their assistance, regardless of the method chosen by each church.

"Now is the time to strike," he proclaimed. "If you think children deserve better than the godless pseudo-education offered by government schools, help spread the word."

Newman feels that now is the time for parents and pastors to take steps to safeguard their children from the government schools. He asked them to consider the wide-spread legislation regarding the use of LGBT lessons to educate youngsters, as well as the radical sex education rooted in evil which has already begun to be taught in pre-school.

On the theological front, things are also looking dismal with the newly approved "ethnic studies" curriculum. Kids in California will be required to sing and pray to the gods of human sacrifice and cannibalism in their classes.

Even the government agrees that its schools fail their students. Many high school grads are poorly educated. Over two-thirds of children in government schools are "not achieving proficient" in any subject according to the latest NAEP data.